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Patch 1.8.2[ | ]


  • Content - Removed the Halloween themed lobby and menu music
  • Feature - Improved the speed of Bloodweb animations to make the Bloodweb more responsive and easier to use
  • Feature - Removed pop-up when purchasing an element of the Bloodweb, except when showing the content of a Mystery Box


  • Adjusted the rate at which the Mystery Boxes can spawn in the Bloodweb. Previously the Mystery Boxes spawned at every level, now it will spawn at levels 3, 5, then every 5 levels.
  • Adjusted the speed curve while channeling The Nightmare's ability: He now moves at 95% speed for the duration of channeling. The movement penalty applied when continually casting the Nightmare's ability was quite intense, we have added a slight reduction to the Nightmare's movement speed when using his ability continually.
  • Changed the overall balancing of the Bloodweb to have a better repartition of items and rarities. We wanted to make the progression in the Bloodweb more rewarding and satisfying when reaching the higher levels
  • Changed the prices of all Bloodweb elements to be based on Rarity instead of position. Price based on position created variance and inconsistency in the value of the rewards. We want players to be able to make choices on what to invest in based on consistent rules.
  • Fixed the interaction & attack block during The Nightmare's power success animation. 0.5 seconds after successfully casting his ability the Nightmare can now attack or interact.
  • Raised the Rarity of Bloody Party Streamers to Rare (previously Common). Bloody Party Streamers used to be Common for the event they were part of, but leaving them as part of the normal game required to raise their Rarity to appropriately reflect their impact.
  • Removed Tiers 2 and 3 of all Daily Rituals and reworked the values to reach for Tiers 1. We want the Daily Ritual to be short, easy to achieve objectives that you can complete every day.
  • Removed the possibility for all Moonlight Offerings to spawn in the Bloodweb. The usage of these Offerings could have a lot of impact on the lighting of each map. We needed more control over the exact lighting we decide to set in each map in order to ensure a good experience, and these offerings were making this harder.
  • Removed the possibility for the "Will O' Wisp" flashlight and "All Hallows' Eve Lunchbox" medkit items to spawn in chests and in the Bloodweb
  • Several changes to to the Rarity of Add-Ons and Offerings :
  • Based on the new pricing rules of the Bloodweb, we felt that these items values were superior to what their Rarity suggested.
  • The add-ons Garden Rake, Prototype Claws and Paint Thinner now reduce the speed penalty during the 3 second slowdown after The Nightmare triggers the dream transition on a survivor. Prior to this update, these aforementioned add-ons were reducing the speed penalty while you continually casted. Now these add-ons will strictly be reducing the slowdown after successfully putting a survivor to sleep.


  • Adjusted the description for the "Risk It All" Achievement
  • Adjusted the text for the Camping Aid Kit to have a considerable healing speed instead of moderately
  • Fixed a couple of typos in the Cannibals torso customization descriptions in English
  • Fixed an issue that caused an impassable gap between 2 rock assets when spawned too close together in Coldwind Farm
  • Fixed an issue that caused an impassable gap between 2 rock assets when spawned too close together in Mother's Dwelling
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Huntress' camera to behave improperly when slashing a suvrivor
  • Fixed an issue that caused the generator explosion and lights to appear when failing / completing an indoor generator in Lampkin Lane or Badham Preschool
  • Fixed an issue that caused the polygons on Nea's tank tops to stretch when viewing a character at a distance
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Ultra Rare items in the Bloodweb to spawn too frequently
  • Fixed an issue that could cause only 1 exit gate to spawn in Azarov's Resting Place map
  • Fixed an issue that could cause survivors to get stuck inside the hill asset when healing
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible for the Nurse to blink near the ambulance and cross road in Badham Preschool
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to unlock the "Risk It All" achievement if the ultra rare item/add-on was lost or consumed
  • Fixed an issue where killers were not fully blinded by a Flashlight inside the houses in Lampkin Lane
  • Fixed an issue where the Nightmare claws played out of sync with the audio from a clients perspective
  • Fixed an issue with the Nurse's Sally of the Lantern head customization VFX that caused her eyes to reappear before her body when blinking
  • Fixed an issue with the textures on the Shape and the Nurse in the front end and in game
  • Tentatively fixed an issue that could occasionally cause no outdoor hooks to spawn in the MacMillan Estate maps. Due to the nature of this issue, it was difficult to reproduce and we will be tracking the status of the issue after this patch to confirm.
  • Tweaked the Flashlight blinding effects on the Nightmare. Was causing slight VFX corruption

Hotfix 1.8.2a[ | ]


  • Fixed an issue that caused Bloodlust display an incorrect status notification
  • Fixed an issue that caused Kindred not to appear in the HUD
  • Fixed an issue where Killers would experience a half second freeze after hooking a survivor
  • Fixed an issue where only 1 perk would appear in the Bloodweb after level 25 (at random)
  • Fixed an issue where the blinding effect from the Killer's point of view would build up more quickly than it should (which made it impossible to avoid being fully blinded)
  • Fixed the placeholder text when viewing the Nightmares add-ons

Hotfix 1.8.2b[ | ]