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Patch 1.7.3[ | ]


  • Added a new head customization for The Nurse
  • Added new Halloween variations of the Flashlight and Medkit Items (can be found in chests and in the bloodweb)
  • Added new menu music for Halloween
  • Added various Halloween accessories (jack-o'-lanterns, candles, lanterns and tombstones) and changed the fog VFX and lighting in the main menu and lobbies


  • Fixed an issue that caused hooked survivors to drop their item when the killer hit them with the perk "Franklin's Demise" equipped
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to become stuck for the rest of the match when vaulting over the shutter windows in Treatment Theatre (Léry's Memorial Institute)
  • Fixed an issue that caused survivors to become stuck in the hook after being rescued at the last possible moment
  • Fixed some cases where a player could lose their save progress after the game client would lose Network connection
  • Updated the description for perk "Distressing" : The bonus Deviousness points are awarded during the trial, not afterwards. The description has been corrected
  • Fixed an issue that caused players queued for a public lobby to join a Private lobby after the host unchecked the "Friends Only" option in match management
  • Integrated multiples fixes for Russian localization