Dead by Daylight Wiki

Patch 1.7.2[ | ]


  • Changed the order of Tally screen sequence so that score categories screen appears before leveling up (pips) screen


  • Adjusted Bloodlust to not affect The Cannibals chainsaw rev speed
  • Adjusted The Cannibal's speed limiter add-ons to allow multiple hits with the chainsaw on contact
  • Adjusted the bonus score event when hooking a survivor with "Barbecue & Chili" perk equipped to only trigger if there is a survivor already on the hook
  • Adjusted the perk "Franklin's Demise" to be ineffective when Killers used their power
  • Adjusted the perk "Open-Handed" to be effective versus the perk "Knock Out"
  • Changed the "Barbecue & Chili" perk to give the bonus bloodpoint post game rather than during the game, like the perk "We're Gonna Live Forever"
  • Changed the number of reduced hatchets from 2 to 4 with the Iridescent Head add-on for The Huntress


  • Fixed an issue that caused players queued for a public lobby to join a Private lobby after the host unchecked the "Friends Only" option in match management
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be launched in to the air when vaulting over a pallet as it was being destroyed with a chainsaw
  • Fixed an issue that caused the audio to become corrupted after dropping a firecracker in front of The Cannibal
  • Fixed an issue that could cause The Shape to have no head after the Prestige reward fix in 1.7.1
  • Fixed the Decisive Strike skill checks in Tiers I and II appearing at the wrong percentage of the wiggle bar for the non Obsession

Hotfix 1.7.2a[ | ]


  • Fixed an issue that caused nearby interactions to become instantly complete when the survivor spammed the action button while using the Self-Care perk