Dead by Daylight Wiki

Patch 1.6.1[ | ]


  • Feature - Added a status effect on the portrait of a Survivor who has the perk No Mither equipped, to better indicate they cannot be healed


  • Added a "Hit" Brutality score event for The Huntress in addition to the Deviousness score event for Hatchet Hit and Precise Shot
  • Added locker on the ferry boat in Pale Rose (more access to hatchet refills)
  • Adjusted the axe positioning. Lifted axe up so the haft aims at the middle of the screen
  • Adjusted the detection of the flashlight beam against the Killer. Made it so you can now only blind the Killer when he’s looking at the survivor. Please note we are currently working on improvements, specifically when looking down.
  • Adjusted the locker search animation to play when The Huntress has max ammo, reducing the search time from 3 seconds to 2 seconds


  • Fix for survivor being hooked crooked from the killer perspective (Nurse and Hag)
  • Fixed an issue causing tokens to not properly apply to the perk "We're Gonna Live Forever" once all the generators were repaired
  • Fixed an issue that caused the survivor to remain in a bad state when rushing out of a locker at the same moment the Killer searches it
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tokens from the perk Play With Your Food to not be consumed on Hatchet Hits/throws
  • Fixed an issue that gives the wrong amount of Bloodpoints in the Shrine of Secrets
  • Fixed an issue where the Killer can partly climb downed pallets
  • Fixed an issue where Toolbox does not boost repair or deplete itself when repairing an indoor generator

Hotfix 1.6.1b[ | ]


  • Increased Bloodpoint cap to 1 Million BPs
  • Increased Daily Ritual Bloodpoint rewards greatly
  • Increased Bloodpoint reward for buying already unlocked teachable perk in the Shrine to 250k (750 shards)
  • Increased Bloodpoint reward for buying already unlocked teachable perk in the Shrine to 200k (550 shards)