Dead by Daylight Wiki

Patch 1.2.1[ | ]


  • Content – Added a new location (Haddonfield)
  • Content – Added a new map for Haddonfield (Lampkin Lane)
  • Content – Added a new offering that allows to play as Michael Myers (appears on killers’ bloodwebs if you do not own the associated DLC) (refer to the dev message below for more details)
  • Feature – Added the new Obsession Mechanic (refer to the dev message below for more details)


  • Fixed an issue causing map calling tremendous offerings to have no effect
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for a killer to hook a survivor instantly from the ground if picked up under a hook
  • Fixed missing text for the Enduring Perk ("Recovery from physical stun condition caused by perks is increased by 20%" added)

Hotfix 1.2.1a[ | ]


  • Fixed an issue making it impossible to successfully stalk a survivor with The Shape at certain resolutions

Hotfix 1.2.1b[ | ]


  • 给夹子、幽灵和电锯屠夫增加了万圣节主题的头部皮肤


  • 调整“魂牵梦绕”技能,携带此技能成为非血祭品人类时也会获得透视效果(距离稍短)


  • 在圣所购买传承技能后会强制存档一次
  • 调整(追逐&接近)BGM的音量
  • 修复了在哈登菲尔德地图无法从屋顶跳过围墙缺口的问题
  • 修复了在哈登菲尔德地图某长椅后面无法操作(被卡住?)的问题,因为一个石头和围栏靠的太近导致
  • 修复了杀人鬼可以隔着柜子潜行跟踪人类的问题
  • 现在无法再跳上哈登菲尔德地图某建筑的屋顶了
  • 修复了哈登菲尔德地图中桶刷新在钩子下的问题
  • 修复了杀人鬼进入潜行状态会立即中止“追逐状态”的问题
  • 修正了新人类劳丽的声音
  • 修复了某些医疗包附加品会对自摸技能以及其他交互动作产生影响的问题
  • 修复了杀人鬼第三阶段直接杀人动作会同时消耗掉处决祭品的问题
  • 重新平衡了游戏音效

Hotfix 1.2.1c[ | ]


  • Fixed a few in-game crashes
  • Fixed an issue causing the camera to clip through survivor’s heads while opening the exit gates
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for players to be able to randomly go through one another (temporarily having no collisions between specific players)
  • Fixed an issue making it possible to push survivors away from hooks
  • Fixed an issue making it possible to stalk survivors after they have escaped the level

Public Test Build Nov 2016[ | ]


  • Increased the initial phase of the sacrifice to be infinite
    • There is a 5% chance to save yourself from the hook during this sequence
    • There is 25% chance to be sent directly into the struggle phase when attempting to save yourself.
  • Killers can now interact with uncompleted generators by pressing and holding the interaction button.
  • Hooks auto-repair themselves after 2 minutes (from both sabotage and sacrifices)
  • Sabotage meat hook time will be reduced from 20 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Disarm Bear trap time is reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Trapper Bear Trap Add-on - Fastening Tools –increased the Bear-Traps disable time
  • Iron Grasp - Changed to - Your powerful hold on the survivors causes escapes to be nearly impossible. Effects of survivor struggling are reduced by 40%/50%/60%. Time to struggle out of your grasp is increased by 8%/10%/12%. (note that the text in game is NOT changed)

Hotfix 1.2.1d[ | ]


  • Added a cooldown period (after losing or gaining a charge) before a killer can gain an additional charge for the “Play With Your Food” Perk
  • Added an additional modifier to the “Vanity Mirror” The Shape Add-On that slightly decreases the movement speed
  • Reduced the maximum recovery percentage to 85% (down from 95%)
  • The “Play With Your Food” speed increase bonus was adjusted to 3%/4%/5% (down from 5%/6%/7%)
  • The “Tinkerer” Perk now affects 3 additional Add-Ons for The Shape (“Judith’s Journal”, “Memorial Flower”, “J. Myers Memorial”)

Hotfix 1.2.1e[ | ]


  • Added support for fixed duration blood points bonus events
  • Adjusted accumulation of stalking points to be the same for any number of stalked survivors (simultaneously stalking multiple survivors does not increase the speed at which stalking points increase)
  • Adjusted the minimum distance between bear traps to 1.5 meters (up from 0.6 meters)
  • Fixed an issue causing blood points to sometimes start counting from a negative value in the Tally screen
  • Modified the process of joining lobbies which results in reduced time to join a lobby after a game has been found