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Public Test Build 1.2.0[ | ]


  • Art – Added a new visual FX to indicate the exit’s collision from the killer’s perspective
  • Controls – Changed the killer break pallet interaction from Attack (M1) to Interact (Space)
  • Feature – Added a new in-game currency rewarded based on play time, for use in the Shrine of Secrets (Iridescent Shards)
  • Feature – Added the Shrine of Secrets
  • Misc – Added Thai Localization Support
  • UI – Added a new color scheme to perks in the HUD to indicate Buffs & Debuffs effects from other players
  • UI – Adjusted “Cheater Detected” error message to reflect the proper error and error code (will facilitate support for these issues)
  • UI – Revamped the Character Selection & Loadout UI


  • Adjusted generator interaction progress while multiple survivors are working simultaneously on one
  • Adjusted Matchmaking for Survive With Friends to be based on the average rank of the group (instead of the host’s rank)
  • Adjusted skill check difficulty (zones have been reduced) and removed success bonus in “good” zone (only “great” skill checks will provide a progress bonus)
  • Adjusted the height of the survivor’s collision capsule (made smaller)
  • Adjusted the hook selection mechanism to be location based instead of killer based (hooks will now match the map location instead of the killer)
  • Adjusted vault snapping speed and added angle cut-off for the different type of vaults
  • Adjusted the “Insidious” Perk Conditions to not trigger when the killer performs interactions
  • Changes to the Maze Tiles (aka “jungle gyms”) have been removed (from patch 1.1.2d)
  • Integrated a new vault animation for second floor (or off the ground) windows for killers (prevents them from dropping mid-way through the interaction)
  • The Wraith does not trigger crows anymore when cloaked


  • Fixed an issue causing a sync problem between the server and clients if a survivor would stun the killer while he pulls out a survivor out of a locker
  • Fixed an issue causing Nea to play an incorrect facial animation during Unlock Exit & Healing interaction
  • Fixed an issue causing players to use the wrong loadout when switching characters (it would be possible to use the loadout from the previous character)
  • Fixed an issue causing some daily rituals to appear as completed even though they are not
  • Fixed an issue causing survivors to appear as Level 0 in Kill Your Friends lobbies
  • Fixed an issue causing survivors to hear their own screams while in injured state with the “Iron Will” Perk equipped
  • Fixed an issue causing the bear trap to play the trapped sound effect when picked up
  • Fixed an issue causing the Commodious Toolbox repair to be the same speed as the Engineer’s Toolbox
  • Fixed an issue causing the progress for the “Way of Light” ritual to not apply if getting interrupted while opening the exit gate
  • Fixed an issue causing the survivor to visually detach from the killer’s shoulder while the killer hits a surface by attacking
  • Fixed an issue making it impossible for a survivor to get trap in a bear trap while another survivor would attempt to disarm it
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for a survivor bloodweb to contain killer content
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for a survivor to climb up a collision by crouching
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for objects (generators, hooks, etc) to spawn outside of the boundaries of levels in the Macmillan Estate
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for the Trapper to pick up traps through walls
  • Fixed an issue making it possible to use a killer’s power on the tally screen
  • Fixed an issue making it possible to use the flashlight through walls
  • Fixed an issue causing the killer’s attacks on Asylum wall to not cause the hit-fail reaction

Patch 1.2.0[ | ]

The Patch Notes for 1.2.0 match the ones for its PTB, listed here are only additional changes:


  • Audio - Added two new musics that play when in proximity of the killer or during a chase
  • Audio - Added four new songs from the soundtrack to the menu music sequence


  • Added randomization of pallet spawning inside the Asylum
  • Adjusted random Map selection to have an equal distribution of Maps instead of Locations
  • Adjusted the Wraith visuals to make him more difficult to see
  • Reduced the Wraith sound loudness while cloaked
  • The Unrelenting Perk attack cooldown reduction has been increased for all tier


  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect or no sounds to be played upon hitting various surfaces
  • Fixed an issue making it impossible to share The Last Breath Chapter through family sharing (both characters are unlocked by default)

Hotfix 1.2.0b[ | ]


  • Fixed a display issue with the rewarding of Iridescent Shards on the Tally Screen

Trivia[ | ]

  • Patch 1.2.0 is the first patch to be released as a Public Test Build.
  • Hotfix 1.2.0a was directly added to the PTB one day later and didn't get a separate release.
  • Haddonfield was accidentally included in the Public Test Build for patch 1.2.0, and was removed from the patch just 4 hours after release.