Dead by Daylight Wiki

Patch 1.0.4[ | ]


  • Additional Survivor customisation Items (one set per Survivor)
  • Survivor Gestures (1 & 2 on Keyboard, D-Pad Up & D-Pad Down on Controller)
  • Russian & Chinese Localisation
  • New Coldwind Farm Map (Fractured Cowshed)
  • Increased support for catching players tampering with game files


  • Level design & art adjustments to reduce infinite window loops
  • Added dynamic spawning of window blockers
  • Removed the possibility to place bear trap really close (or on top) of each other


  • Fixed escaping of the level when running towards the exit and caught in a bear trap
  • Fixed hatch noise being audible even if the hatch is invisible
  • Fixed locker interior being visible in the distance
  • Fixed locker blocking placement of bear traps
  • Fixed some issues with objects appearing too clearly through fog and in low-end
  • Fixed issue with chainsaw add-ons making it impossible to fully heal a survivor
  • Fixed some cases where the survivor used killer customisation parts when entering a private lobby
  • Fixed returning to a lobby from a private match causing an infinite load for the Host
  • Fixed countdown not occurring in private lobby if a party member leaves while readied-up
  • Fixed some cases where bear traps could be farmed for points by survivors
  • Fixed some cases where players would not lose pips (disconnect penalty) while exiting an active game
  • Fixed scoring event localization
  • Fixed hatch appearance frequency on certain maps
  • Fixed black nodes appearing on the blood web (and force regenerate invalid blood webs)