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The Doctor Cube consists of a rework of The Doctor as a first step towards a big rework on some of the Killers in Dead by Daylight.

The following list of changes were changes implemented with Patch 1.6.2.

Snap Out of It[ | ]

  • Snap Out of It is now considered healing, which makes it track-able by A Nurse's Calling.
    • This also results in the chance of getting Skill Checks.
    • This Skill Check has no Bonus Zone.
    • Failing the Skill Check will reset the entire interaction.
  • Survivors receive points for successfully snapping out of it.

Base Kit[ | ]

Randomly placed Skill Checks under Madness influences, formerly attributed to the Order Class Add-ons, are now part of the Doctor's base kit.

Madness Tier Chance of randomly placed Skill Check
Tier 1 33%
Tier 2 66%
Tier 3 100%

Shock Therapy[ | ]

Shock Therapy attack creates 2.5 seconds of interrupted actions. Survivors hit by a Shock Therapy attack are not able to drop pallets, vault, work on generators, open Exit Gates, or unhook others.

Stance Switching[ | ]

The Doctor no longer has a speed penalty when switching from Punishment mode to Treatment mode, or the other way around.

The Stain[ | ]

Only applies when using the Discipline Class Add-ons:

  • The Doctor's Stain will be on the Survivor and off of the Doctor himself at the beginning of a chase, instead of randomly.

Illusionary Pallets[ | ]

The Skill Check affliction triggered by The Doctor's Order is replaced with an Illusionary Pallets affliction in which Broken Pallets will appear to look like Unused or Dropped Pallets until a Survivor comes close to them.

This affliction will be attached to the following Add-ons: