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Quotes left These things differ from time to time. But each acts in a similar manner, and with similar human physical traits. But they are more reminiscent of beasts of burden even though I can spot some flicker of humanity. With scars and marks on their skin and body. As if they have been self-mutilating themselves. They even look dead. I fail to see some humanity in them. They are bent on finding me. But somehow they refrain from killing me. Instead I am hung from one of those dreaded hooks. I keep asking myself why they do not snuff the life out me themselves. But someone must control them. Might they do someone else’s biddings?

I keep trying to understand them at the same time as they stalk me. I try finding something that can pinpoint their purpose. I wonder if they might be punished? But in that case, am not I in the same position? Being punished for something, as I try to escape and find some way out of here. They play their role. Without any diversions, they are like a machine that is set on finding any living soul. Are they without hope? Who do they serve? Is there even a master? I have never seen them rest or stop. They hunt until the hooks are occupied. But where do they go after that? Trying to find some answers is one of the few things that keep me sane. For now. If you stumble upon one of these beings you must run and you must hide. Without any sound.''

Quotes right
~ Benedict Baker's Journal, Nov. 1896


Una representación de los asesinos hecha por Benedict Baker.

Los asesinos son personajes cuya misión es asesinar y sacrificar a cualquier superviviente antes de que pueda huir. Cada asesino posee un poder único que puede complementarse con sus habilidades volviéndolos, aún si cabe, más brutales y despiadados. Antes de la prueba pueden quemar una ofrenda para tratar de complacer al Ente y volverlo de su lado durante la misma.

El objetivo principal de un asesino es sacrificar supervivientes al Ente. Para ello, el asesino debería hacer lo siguiente:

  • Patrullar el terreno de la prueba tratando de encontrar supervivientes.
  • Perseguir, herir y atrapar superviviente antes de que puedan huir.
  • Transportar al superviviente agonizante hasta un Gancho y colgarlo para que el Ente lo consuma.

Paralelamente, los supervivientes tratarán de reparar 5 generadores y abriendo las 2 puertas de salidas tratando de huir.

List of Killers[ | ]

Actualmente hay 34 asesinos disponibles:

El Trampero El Espectro El Pueblerino La Enfermera
La Forma La Bruja El Doctor

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Benedict Baker contradicts himself in his writings about the killers. He first says "But they are more reminiscent of beasts of burden even though I can spot some flicker of humanity" then later in the exact same paragraph states "I fail to see some humanity in them".