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魂牵梦绕是一個劳丽·斯特罗德 SurvivorLaurie可傳授的技能 IconHelp perks

圖示 I II III 描述
56 米
44 米
64 米
56 米
72 米
64 米

当你朝着杀手所在的方向时,链接会将你们彼此的气场 IconHelp auras透露给对方。


当你成为杀手的血祭品 IconHelp obsession时,该效果的最大范围为56/64/72 米。否则,其最大范围为44/56/64 米。



“他看见我了!” — 劳丽·斯特罗德

4,000IconHelp bloodpoints 5,000IconHelp bloodpoints 6,000IconHelp bloodpoints

策略[ | ]

For more detailed information about Perks IconHelp perks and Add-ons IconHelp addons affecting Aura-reading, refer to Obsession IconHelp obsession.
  • Can be used with Sole Survivor IconPerks soleSurvivor so that you can see the Killer, but they potentially can't see you.
  • 魂牵梦绕 is an effective counter to Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith while cloaked or The Pig IconHelpLoading pig while crouched, even at very short distances, allowing perfect awareness of their movements.

杂项[ | ]

  • Triggers the Obsession IconHelp obsession mechanic.
    • If You're the only Survivor with an Obsession Perk, then become the Obsession.
    • If multiple Survivors have an Obsession Perk, then the Obsession will be chosen randomly among the Perk holders.
    • Equip multiple Obsession Perks to prioritise yourself over other Obsession Perk holders.
  • 魂牵梦绕 behaves in a unique way against The Nightmare IconHelpLoading nightmare: the Icon will light up under the same conditions as with the other Killers, whereas The Nightmare will be able to see the Survivor's Aura, the Survivor could also see his while they are in the Dream World for unlimited range.
  • According to some changes about Terror Radius affects, The Shape IconHelpLoading shape could not fully immune to 魂牵梦绕. Meanwhile, remains in Evil Within I, the Perk will light up, and he could see survivor who affect it, but the survivor couldn`t see his aura.
    • Additionally, The Wraith , The Pig , and The Ghost Face  are immune as well while using their stealth abilities.
    • It should be noted that while the Perk user may not see a stealth Killer's Aura, the Killer will still see the Survivor's.
  • The false Terror Radius inflicted by Doctor IconHelpLoading doctor at Madness III does not affect 魂牵梦绕.
  • 魂牵梦绕 is affected by Granma's Heart FulliconAddon granmasHeart.

视频[ | ]

逃生者视角 杀手视角