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霍金斯國家實驗室 is one of Realms within Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


The Realm consists of 脚本错误:没有“Maps”这个模块。 Map and is set in a laboratory theme. The Realm's prominent colour palette is blue-green.


The Hawkins National Laboratory was one of many federal compounds devoted to the Project MKUltra program.

While conducting mind control experiments with test subjects on the ground floor—mostly on abducted children—the underground was ripped open by an inter-dimensional gate. This rift eventually unleashed an army of creatures in Hawkins.

The authorities managed to seal off the facility, but not before the Chicago Sun-Times published an article exposing the operation and its part in the death of Hawkins High School sophomore, Barbara Holland.

The laboratory’s multi-story compound still stands, a grim reminder of the disturbing events that happened there, most of which remain undisclosed except to the few who witnessed them firsthand.




FulliconFavors hawkinsNationalLaboratoryID.png 霍金斯國家實驗室身份識別卡 此祭品已無法使用



5,000 血點


  • In the game files, the 霍金斯國家實驗室 Realm is being referred to under the name Qatar.
  • The Map contains a secret room behind some shutters, only accessible to The Nurse IconHelpLoading nurse.png.
    • It features dead scientists, a computer whose screen emits bright green light, and a whiteboard with 'EGC' and a formula written on it.

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