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钢筋铁骨是一個大卫·金 SurvivorDavid可傳授的技能 IconHelp perks

圖示 I II III 描述
60 秒 50 秒 40 秒 主动技能。


  • 跑动中按下能力激活按键,获得短暂的冲刺效果。
  • 冲刺期间,你会进入免伤状态。

会触发疲劳状态 IconStatusEffects exhausted并持续60/50/40 秒。




4,000IconHelp bloodpoints 5,000IconHelp bloodpoints 6,000IconHelp bloodpoints

策略[ | ]

  • Activating 钢筋铁骨 will remove the Survivor's hit-box for the duration of the dash.
    • That can be used to go through a Bear Trap IconPowers trap without getting caught in it.
  • 钢筋铁骨 is particularly strong against The Nurse, as using it against her post-blink Lunge will render her unable to damage you and force her to fatigue.
    • However, a lot of Players use it prematurely, before the actual post-blink Lunge, so if The Nurse has another chain blink in store, she can potentially counter 钢筋铁骨.

更新日志[ | ]

1.9.1更新[ | ]

  • 生活质量 adjusted the speed curve of 钢筋铁骨 to have it match the animation.
    • This is step 1 of 2 steps to make the use of 钢筋铁骨 more visible to a Killer.

2.0.0更新[ | ]

  • 生活质量 added a new animation to indicate that the Perk is active.
    • This is step 2 of 2 steps to make the use of 钢筋铁骨 more visible to a Killer.
  • 生活质量 removed the speed bonus while in the air. This change aims to fix a variety of game hostage issues in multiple Maps.


  • Removed the dash / dodge element of the perk.
  • Activating Dead Hard now grants the Survivor Endurance for 0.5 seconds
  • An animation plays when activated so Killers can see when the perk is used without the Survivor being hit

6.7.0更新[ | ]

  • 削弱現在,鋼筋鐵骨不再能夠在受傷時生效,修改為“(在鉤子上)被隊友救下自救後,鋼筋鐵骨生效。跑動時,按下主動能力鍵即可獲得0.5秒堅忍狀態,觸發60/50/40秒疲勞狀態,同時技能失效

杂项[ | ]

  • The Perk was originally to be called Line Break according to an interview with Mathieu Cote (Producer).
  • The activate ability button is bound to 'E/A/X' by default (PC/XBOX/PS).
  • The exact duration of the dash triggered by this Perk is stated as being 0.5 seconds, with the movement speed curve peaking at 250 % of a Survivor's base running speed.
  • 钢筋铁骨 allowed the Player to dash through the Exit Gate barrier, allowing them to roam the outskirts of the Map beyond the border walls. This was patched to no longer function.