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The 配备 is where the Players IconHelpLoading players in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo equip their Character for the next trial.

Survivors can equip up to 1 Item IconHelp items, 2 Add-ons IconHelp addons for their Item, 4 Perks IconHelp perks and 1 Offerings IconHelp offerings.

Killers can equip up to 2 Add-ons for their power, 4 Perks and 1 Offering. The power of the Killer is intrinsic to that Killer and cannot be changed.

Loadout options are unlocked through the progression system called The Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb with a currency called Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.

The Load-out: Survivor Items[ | ]

Survivors can equip themselves with a variety of useful Items. There are Items that can accelerate repairs, hinder the Killer, heal oneself or even allow Survivors to escape the trial through a secret door.

Survivors may equip one Item per trial, and every Item can be enhanced by equipping Add-ons.

The Load-out: Killer Power[ | ]

Each Killer has a unique power that defines how they are played. Details about the Killer's power can be found in the load-out, and it can be customised with Add-ons.

The Killer's identity is hidden in the lobby, so Survivors must adapt their strategies once they have discovered who they are facing in the trial.

The Load-out: Offerings[ | ]

Offerings are selected in the loadout before the trial and are limited to 1 per player.

Offerings are burnt in the Campfire at the beginning of the trial in order to influence Entity IconHelp entity to alter how the game will be played.

Offerings can have various effects, such as increasing the Bloodpoint rewards, altering the moonlight, or changing the number of chests or sacrificial hooks in the trial.

The Loadout: Perks[ | ]

Perks are extra abilities obtainable by Killers and Survivors. They offer new ways to evade, hide, help others, attack, catch and kill, or improve existing abilities. Equip the Perks that fit your preferred strategy and playstyle.

Perks are first found in the Bloodweb at Tier I. They can be improved by collecting them multiple times in the Bloodweb, up to Tier III. Progressing the Bloodweb is the only way to unlock and improve Perks. Depending on their Bloodweb level, characters can equip up to 4 Perks in a trial.

The Load-out: Teachable Perks[ | ]

Every Killer and Survivor has a set of 3 unique Perks found in their Bloodweb at levels 5, 10 and 15. By levelling up further, characters eventually master their unique Perks and can teach them to other character. These Teachable Perks are found in the Bloodweb at levels 30, 35 and 40.

Once a Teachable Perk is unlocked, the corresponding Perk can appear on other Characters' Bloodwebs. Teachable Perks can also be unlocked through the Shrine of Secrets.