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迈克米伦庄园黎明杀机 IconHelp DBDlogo.png的2种幻境之一。



The MacMillan Estate was once the envy of even the most well pampered families. Now, it's only an ominous lot with nothing more than horrid memories of mercilessness in its purest form. The Foundry and Mine were the heart and centre of the estate. Those unlucky enough to be employed by Evan MacMillan after he assumed his father's work slowly started to slip away from all kinds of normal life. Wives asking for their husbands to come home. Work hours got longer, sometimes bridging day-to-day and pay was ever decreasing. Evan's iron hand and strict rules got tighter the longer he was in control. One afternoon, a large mining force was forbidden to leave and instructed to meet inside one of the deepest and unstable mine shafts instead. Objections were rewarded with a visit to the furnace. Questions and rumors arose in town. But no answers. One less worker, missed by maybe a poor widow wasn’t enough for real actions.

Finally Evan MacMillan had snapped and had sealed his workers in the mine, suffocating those who weren't crushed by the initial blast of explosives. Archie MacMillan's starved remains were later found. A silent skeleton with a taunting man-made grin upon his meatless skull. What’s left of the Estate are now but mere ruins and myths. Teens enter the area from time to time in a game of dare, bringing back new information about what’s happening at the Estate. Because somehow, things are moving. Leftover machinery keeps starting up. The gas gauge on the generator keeps decreasing.


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