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Patch 1.5.3 - Victory Cube[ | ]


  • Feature - New Killer Win / Lose Condition: Prior to patch 1.5.3 Killer win conditions were determined through point gain: less than 7000 bloodpoints gained in a match resulted in losing 1 rank pip, 7000 to 9999 was considered a tie with no rank pips lost, 10,000 to 19,999 was considered a win granting 1 rank pip and finally 20,000 granted 2 rank pips. Unfortunately this did not satisfy most Killers as it does not directly reflect the amount of killing/hooking done in a match. As of patch 1.5.3 our Killer win/lose conditions change to reflect our Killers' visceral game play. Killers need to score Killer Goals to satisfy the entity.

For details: Victory Cube Changes


  • Four "post-exit" altruism score events have had their values increased by 25%:
    • "Post Exit: Heal" - Heal a Survivor after the exit gates have been powered: 500 altruism points (up from 400)
    • "Post Exit: Assist" - Get in range of a Survivor who is in need after the exit gates have been powered: 315 altruism points (up from 250)
    • "Post Exit: Trap Rescue" - Save a Survivor from a bear trap after the exit gates have been powered: 1250 altruism points (up from 1000)
    • "Post Exit: Hook Rescue" - Save a Survivor from a hook after the exit gates have been powered: 1875 altruism points (up from 1500)
  • Killers can now see the auras of hooks on which Survivors are being sacrificed
  • Old score events have been re-implemented with new diminishing returns and/or hard caps:
    • "Bold" - Exiting a locker while in the Killer's proximity: 50 boldness points
  • Reworked the toolbox add-on "Brand New Part": Brand New Part replaces the "Toolbox Repair" interaction with "Install Brand New Part". This interaction will trigger constant skill checks with large progress rewards. When the interaction ends for any reason, the toolbox is consumed
  • Sacrifice scoring has been reworked:
    • 500 points for hooking a survivor - Scoring Event: Hooked
    • 200 points for beginning the summoning phase - Scoring Event: Hooked
    • 200 points for beginning the struggle phase - Scoring Event: Entity Summoned
    • 200 points for a successful sacrifice - Scoring Event: Sacrifice Completed
  • The offerings "Ivory Memento Mori" and "Ebony Memento Mori" now require a Survivor to have been hooked at least once before they can be killed.
  • The summoning phase and struggle phase of the sacrifice sequence have each had their duration increased to 60 seconds (up from 45).
  • Two existing score events have had their values adjusted:
    • "Map Scout" - Adding an object to the map: 150 objective points (up from 50)
    • "Hex: Ruin Skill Check" - Succeed a skill check affected by Hex: Ruin: 150 objective points (up from 50)


  • Added missing Teachable perks in Killer tooltips
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Character Info screen to open when pressing the right arrow key
  • Fixed redundant text in The Hillbilly's Teachable perk "Lightborn"

Hotfix 1.5.3a[ | ]


  • Fixed an issue causing survivors sometimes to receive a "No Network Connection" error when searching for a game in a Survive with Friends lobby

Hotfix 1.5.3b[ | ]


  • Adjusted matchmaking logic for Survivor to ignore ranks after waiting for more than 90 seconds (after 90 seconds of waiting, as a survivor, the game will attempt to join any lobby available)