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荣耀国王是一個超級罕見卡特的电火花 IconPowers cartersSpark附加品 IconHelp addons

圖示 描述 血点 IconHelp bloodpoints
Unknown QuestionMark 由迷雾铸造出的玻璃西洋棋国王棋子。恶灵的痕迹回响在棋子中,似乎再强韧的心灵也会被摧毁。
  • 电流攻击 会使逃生者出现以下随机的神经紊乱效果:
    • “秩序”型幻觉: 幻象板子可能会出现在被破坏的板子处,直到玩家足够接近时,幻象才会消失。
    • “克制”型幻觉: 巨幅增加医生幻象的存留时间
    • “平静”型幻觉: 逃生者不断的听到来自远处的心跳声幻觉。
    • “纪律”型幻觉: 当有逃生者被追逐时,处于神经紊乱II的逃生者会出现杀手红光恐惧范围的幻觉,好像医生就在背后一样,幻觉持续10秒。若逃生者处于神经紊乱III,幻觉会一直持续,直到逃生者脱离神经紊乱III
    • “服从”型幻觉: 处于神经紊乱III的逃生者会一直处于疲劳状态
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。


7,000 血点

History[ | ]

Version 1.5.1[ | ]

Icon Stacking Tinkerer
FulliconAddon iridescentKing

A glass-like king chess piece moulded from The Fog itself. The Entity's trace reverberating within can break the most powerful minds.

  • Shock Therapy attack gives Survivors a random affliction based on their Madness tier.
  • Afflictions of the same type do not stack.

Change Log[ | ]

Patch 1.6.2[ | ]

  • Reworked 荣耀国王.
    • Added a new Iridescent Class of the other Carter's Spark Add-on ranges, all with their own unique effect that is often an enhancement over the Carter's Notes Class.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Whereas Iridescent afflictions do not stack with afflictions of other Add-ons, they do stack between themselves.
    • If you shock a Survivor often enough, they will eventually have all types of afflictions simultaneously.