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致盲 is a Game Mechanic in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.

It allows Survivors to use a Flashlight IconItems flashlight to burn The Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith and The Nurse IconHelpLoading nurse by shining the Flashlight on their body, effectively forcing them to momentarily stop using their ability and stun them. These stuns are affected by the perk Enduring. These stuns are uncorrelated to actual blinds, but since the Killer's eyes are a part of their body, you can both burn and blind a Killer simultaneously.

These burns are also unaffected by any Add-ons which increase the power of flashlightItems. The only thing that is affected by flashlightItem strength other than blinding is The Hag's traps.

Wraith[ | ]

Shining a Flashlight on a cloaked Wraith will burn him, causing him to be stunned for several seconds and forcing him to uncloak in the process. The stun will last for 3.5 seconds, and without any Add-ons, the Flashlight will burn The Wraith in 1.8 seconds.
He screams when being burnt, just as if he was stunned by a Pull-Down.

The Wraith can counter this by hiding behind an object when uncloaking or using the "Blind Warrior" range of Add-ons:

Nurse[ | ]

The Nurse will suffer a 2 second stun, (the default duration if she had been stunned with a pallet,) if a Flashlight is shone on her whilst she is charging her blink/has a blink fully charged and is holding it. It takes 2 seconds to burn her, and if she is burned, she will lose her current blink and will have to start another. She cannot be burned while in mid-blink, in the blink chain window, or in the blink fatigue. She will also wheeze, as if she was stunned by a Pull-Down.

Trivia[ | ]

  • It is suspected that only both The Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith and The Nurse IconHelpLoading nurse suffer from this unique Game Mechanic, as they are both able to access what is called the "Spirit World" using their respective Power.
    • The other Killers cannot access the Spirit World and likely thus do not suffer from this Mechanic.