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红树林 is one of 2 Realms within Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

It was implemented into the Game alongside the release of CHAPTER V: A Lullaby For The Dark on 27 July 2017.


The Realm consists of 2 Maps and is set in a boreal forest theme. The Realm's prominent colour palette is turquoise.

The two Maps available in this Realm are the Mother's Dwelling and The Temple of Purgation.



Deep in a forest with many names lies a hidden home. The family that once lived there was dependent on the forest... and was broken by it. More than a century old, the dwelling is in surprisingly good condition, though it shows signs of often being patched and mended. The forest holds the house tightly in its grasp, growing over and around it like a second skin. Only once inside is it clear that someone still lives there. It is warm and welcoming and lovingly decorated, with a large living space, a bedroom and a corner dedicated for little ones. Here they are protected from the harsh winter of the northern forest.


Mother's Dwelling
IconMap Brl MadHouse.png
The Temple of Purgation
IconMap Brl Temple.png


The Red Forest is the area surrounding Chernobyl, within the radioactive exclusion zone that was created after the city's power plant melted down. According to the Huntress' Lore, which wraps up with stating that "[...] German soldiers began to pass through, on the march to attack the collapsing Russian Empire. [...]" this is confirmed to be the very same location, with Anna's story taking place before and during World War I. However, The Red Forest didn't acquire its nickname until after the Chernobyl disaster, which resulted in the reddish-brown colour of the decayed, surrounding flora. Considering that the meltdown did not occur until 1986, Dead by Daylight's use of the nickname in direct association with her Lore poses an anachronism.


Patch 2.6.0[]


  • In the Game files, the 红树林 Realm is being referred to under the name Boreal.

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