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The Stain in front of the Trapper.

Dbd-journal-stain Quotes left The first time that I spotted this reddish fire burning on the ground, I thought I had finally reached the doorstep of insanity. But I was wrong. After several encounters with this burning fire, I managed to tie it to the killers. Somehow it gives me hope as one can manage to avoid them if you see this burning warning. Maybe giving me hope is its purpose? Quotes right
~ Benedict Baker

The Stain, dubbed by unseen character Benedict Baker, is an ominous red glow emitted from Killers.

Mechanics[ | ]

Visibility[ | ]

Killers can only see the Stain at the beginning of the match; they cannot see it during the game. Survivors are able to see the Stain on the floor in front of the direction the Killer is facing. Survivors that are being chased may see the Stain slowly edge closer over time, due to the fact that killers are able to walk faster than survivors.

The Stain can potentially betray the Killer's position and movement, as survivors can see it edging out from around corners even if they cannot actually see the Killer. A clever Killer can walk backwards or sideways around corners, or walls to prevent survivors from being able to see the stain this way. your are not smart no me

消除紅光[ | ]