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第二堂課:「秩序」是一個不常見卡特的電火花 IconPowers cartersSpark.png附加品 IconHelp addons.png

圖示 描述 血點 IconHelp bloodpoints.png
Unknown QuestionMark.png 高觸發性的ECT療程是萊理療養中心的日常療程。會導致病患中度的混淆。
  • 提升靜電力場里神經紊亂值的累積速度15%

處於 神經紊亂II/III 的逃生者會受到以下影響:

  • 幻象板子可能會出現在被破壞的板子處,直到玩家足夠接近時,幻象才會消失。
  • 每隔20秒會有一個幻象板子生成在距離醫生 64米範圍內的被破壞的板子處。
  • 為了看到病人的幻覺,醫生會共享「病人」的神經紊亂等級。
  • 同樣的效果將不會疊加。


4,000 血點


Version 1.5.1[]

Icon Stacking Tinkerer
FulliconAddon orderClassII.png

A high stimulus ECT procedure, part of a patient's daily routine at the Léry's Memorial Institute. Can cause a state of moderate confusion in the patient.

  • 15% increase in Madness inflicted by the Static Field.

Survivors with Madness II/III have the following affliction:

  • 50% chance that a Skill Check appears in a random location.
  • Afflictions of the same type do not stack.

Change Log[]

Patch 1.6.2[]

  • Reworked 第二堂課:「秩序」.
    • Survivors afflicted with Madness will experience Illusionary Pallets Hallucinations.
    • Removed the 50% random Skill Check chance and added it as a 66% chance to The Doctor's base-kit on Madness II.


  • 第二堂課:「秩序」 is part of the "Order" range of Add-ons, that all afflict Survivors with varying degrees of Illusionary Pallets.