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發售日 2020年3月11日(三)
分類 章節 DLC
價格 138 NT$
18,000 熒光裂片 IconHelp iridescentShard trimmed.png (一個角色9,000)

章節15: 憎恨的鎖鏈黎明死線 IconHelp DBDlogo.png第15個章節DLC



Chains of Hate is a brand-new Chapter for Dead by Daylight, which includes a new Map. Purchasing the Chains of Hate DLC will unlock its new Killer, and new Survivor.

The Chains of Hate Chapter includes a new map, the Dead Dawg Saloon, in the ghost town of Glenvale. The Deathslinger, a former bounty hunter with a chip on his shoulder is the new Killer. Following the massacre of those who had betrayed him at Hellshire Penitentiary, The Deathslinger was lured into the Realm of the Entity where he now uses his unique invention — a rifle that fires a chain—to round up survivors for The Entity. The new survivor is Zarina Kassir, a modern day cowboy using her camera and filmmaking skills to help those who cannot help themselves. As she investigated the circumstances around the ‘Mad Mick Massacre’ at Hellshire prison, she unravelled more than she bargained for.

Killer: The Deathslinger[]

Main article: The Deathslinger

Killer's Info[]

K19 charSelect portrait.png

The Deathslinger

A brilliant and fiery-tempered engineer, Caleb Quinn made a career out of revenge. When his wealthy employer, Henry Bayshore, stole the patents to his inventions, he broke into a violent, bloody rage. For fifteen years, Caleb languished in Hellshire Penitentiary, paying for his crimes. While doing his time, the warden asked him for a favor — fill the private prison with inmates. In return, the warden would use his political connections to imprison Bayshore for life. Caleb agreed. He returned to his workshop and created a pressure-based spear gun that allowed him to capture fugitives alive. With a gang of released inmates in his employ, Caleb hunted the countryside as a brutally efficient bounty hunter. But for all he did, he was just a pawn in a rich man's game. The warden betrayed him, selling Hellshire Penitentiary to Bayshore. In a fury, Caleb stormed Hellshire with his gang, killing anyone who stood in his way. The massacre ended with Bayshore and the warden bloody and dying, left for the inmates to finish off.

Killer Power - The Deathslinger: The Redeemer Template:The Redeemer

Killer's Perks[]



普通攻擊 命中逃生者2次後,設備發燒友 生效35/40/45 秒。

逃生者在修理發電機時,每次完成很棒或是完美的技能檢驗 IconHelp skillChecks.png發電機 IconHelpLoading generators.png再被修理的同時就會顯示出黃色氣場 IconHelp auras.png

"有時候人會因為做自己最拿手的事而送命。" — 獄長


鉤住一名逃生者後,失效開關 將生效,持續35/40/45 秒。
生效期間,逃生者如果在修理完成一台發電機 IconHelpLoading generators.png前停止修理,則惡靈 IconHelp entity.png會封鎖該發電機至失效開關 效果結束。
受影響的發電機會顯示為白色 氣場 IconHelp auras.png
"我見過意識到自己死期將至的人臉上的表情。" — 凱勒布·奎因



淨化灰暗圖騰 IconHelpLoading totem.png的逃生者將受到渾然不覺狀態 IconStatusEffects oblivious.png影響,持續35/40/45 秒。

若包括此圖騰在內的任何厄咒圖騰 IconHelpLoading totem.png 被淨化,所有逃生者的氣場 IconHelp auras.png將暴露10秒

"蠢貨,你這是自己尋死。" — 凱勒布·奎因

Survivor: Zarina Kassir[]

Main article: Zarina Kassir

Survivor's Info[]

S21 charSelect portrait.png

Plucky documentarian

A daring, modern, workaholic filmmaker, Zarina strove to reveal the truth. Growing up in a Lebanese household in Brooklyn, she struggled with two unique cultural identities. With time she learned to embrace the different layers of her identity and roots and borrowed her father’s digital camera to interview members of her community in Bay Ridge. Posting her content online, she slowly built a loyal following.

The sudden death of her father sent a shockwave of anger and pain that left Zarina in pieces. She became obsessed with his murderer—Clark Stevenson—his gang “IR-28,” and his short prison sentence. With the last of her inheritance she bought a new camera and a plane ticket to Nebraska and bribed the warden at Hellshire Penitentiary to let her interview Clark. Filming their first meeting, she asked him about his gang and his violent tendencies. Clark refused to talk; but in the weeks that followed, she used her research to push his buttons and finally got a confession of a pre-meditated crime. Zarina’s film became a tribute to her father and the trail of blood left by gang violence.

Inspired by Hellshire’s “Mad Mick Massacre” story, her next project was based on the Irish outlaw who had heartlessly slaughtered the warden and his guards. Joining the historical walking tour, she infiltrated the prison and reached Mick’s dilapidated cell; but venturing inside, Zarina found more than she’d bargained for.

Zarina's Perks[]



你被解救或掙脫鉤子後,非正式調查生效60/70/80 秒。

非正式調查 生效期間,殺手看不到你的氣場,且因受傷引起的痛苦呻吟減少100%。

"相信我,我的調查既隱密又徹底。" —— 薩麗娜·卡希爾





  • 題外話100/80/60 秒。只能觸發一次。

"新聞會把麻煩複雜的部分刪去,而這些部分就是真相。" —— 薩麗娜·卡希爾



捨己為人 只在生命值全滿時生效。


你將變為受傷並受到不治狀態影響,持續110/100/90 秒。



“我們能書寫自己的故事並決定故事的結局。” —— 薩麗娜·卡希爾


Main article: Grave of Glenvale

Map's Info[]

IconMap Ukr Saloon.png

An early settlement on the unforgiving frontier, the outpost of Glenvale was snuffed out in a ruthless, bloody gang war. Responding to the abduction of five brothers-in-arms, the Hellshire Gang stormed in with six shooters and dynamite. What began as a standoff with the Mason Kelly Gang quickly broke down into a chaotic war zone. Guns fired indiscriminately in a desperate bid for self-preservation, cutting through gang members and civilians alike.

When the dust settled, the dead outnumbered the living. The hostages were discovered to have been long killed, their bodies disemboweled, guts strewn across town. In a silent rage, the few surviving Hellshire members rounded up their injured enemies and finished them in the same gruesome manner. By nightfall, only the crows remained, feasting gluttonously upon their victory.


The Deathslinger[]

Head Body Weapon

Zarina Kassir[]

Head Torso Legs



K04 charSelect portrait.png 章节1:濒死之息 S05 charSelect portrait.png K05 charSelect portrait.png 章节2:万圣节® S06 charSelect portrait.png K06 charSelect portrait.png 章节3:秽土幻境 S07 charSelect portrait.png K07 charSelect portrait.png 章节4:疯狂的火花 S09 charSelect portrait.png
K08 charSelect portrait.png 章节5:暗黑摇篮曲 S10 charSelect portrait.png K10 charSelect portrait.png 章节6:榆树街梦魇™ S11 charSelect portrait.png K11 charSelect portrait.png 章节7:电锯惊魂™ S12 charSelect portrait.png K12 charSelect portrait.png 章节8:谢墓 S13 charSelect portrait.png
K13 charSelect portrait.png 章节9:破碎血脉 S14 charSelect portrait.png K14 charSelect portrait.png 章节10:黑暗渗透 S15 charSelect portrait.png K15 charSelect portrait.png 章节11:忠诚消亡 S16 charSelect portrait.png K16 charSelect portrait.png 章節12: 鬼面® OK Mask01.png
S08 charSelect portrait.png 段落1:末日残兵 DF Torso05.png K09 charSelect portrait.png 段落2:人皮脸™ CA Head01 DF.png S17 charSelect portrait.png 段落3:鬼玩人 26px
DF Torso03 03.png 80年代服装包 NK Legs01 01.png TR Head05.png 血腥麻袋 HB Torso02.png JP Head06.png 头部皮肤包 AV Head06.png CM Torso03 72hrs.png 慈善包 TN Head TheSwiftLegend.png