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發售日 2019年12月4日(三)
分類 章節DLC
價格 138 NT$
18,000 熒光裂片 IconHelp iridescentShard trimmed (一個角色9,000)

章節14:被詛咒的遺產 is the fourteenth Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.

This DLC features:

Description[ | ]

Cursed Legacy is a brand-new Chapter for Dead by Daylight, which includes a new Map. Purchasing the Cursed Legacy DLC will unlock its new Killer and new Survivor.

What does it mean to be authentic? How does one follow one’s destiny despite the pressures of family and tradition? Often following one‘s path is a strenuous, narrow struggle full of unexpected joys and difficulties. Ultimately it’s about finding the balance between tradition and self-actualization. But as one struggles for identity, decisions are made and consequences, good or bad, must be faced.

Killer: The Oni[ | ]

Main article: The Oni

Killer's Info[ | ]

SK charSelect portrait

The Oni

Honouring his family name was never enough for Kazan Yamaoka. He wanted to surpass his father's reputation and end what he saw as the thinning of samurai culture with farmers often posing as samurai. His father tried to turn Kazan's attention to more noble pursuits, but Kazan refused to heed his advice, and borrowing his father's Katana, he embarked on a dark pilgrimage to prove his worth and rid Japan of impostors. Ignoring the code that had been taught to him, Kazan killed impostors in the hills and the valleys, on the beaches and in the woodland. The killings were brutal, cruel and morbid. Monks believed he was possessed by something dark and otherworldly and cursed him while a noble lord began to call him Oni-Yamaoka, the rageful Samurai, an insult both to Kazan and his family.

Killer Power - The Oni: Yamaoka's Wrath Determined to redeem his family's name, Kazan now butchered anyone who dared call him Oni-Yamaoka.

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Killer's Perks[ | ]

Icon Name Description
IconPerks zanshinTactics
Zanshin Tactics

(技能描述未加入Template:Perk desc

IconPerks bloodEcho
Blood Echo

(技能描述未加入Template:Perk desc

IconPerks nemesis

(技能描述未加入Template:Perk desc

Survivor: Yui Kimura[ | ]

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Yui's Info[ | ]

SS charSelect portrait

Hardened Streetracer

Despite her traditional upbringing, Yui Kimura raced scooters in her hometown of Hida where she earned the reputation of being able to do the impossible with very little. Her father did his best to steer her away from what he believed to be masculine pursuits, but her grandmother secretly shared her grandfather's engineer manuals and notes on car and motorcycle engines. Yui read her grandfather's manuals and learned fast. She was able to not only maintain her scooter, but she modified the engine so that she could compete with older boys on motor crosses. With her grandfathers 'good luck hachimaki' wrapped around her arm, she raced local boys who, unable to keep up with her, worked together to orchestrate her defeat. No luck for them. Yui outmanoeuvred them at every turn and became a sensation to all her friends. When it came time to apply for school, Yui gathered her courage and confessed her ambition to race motorcycles to her father. An altercation ensued and when Yui refused to apply for a proper education, her father felt a great shame and told her she was no longer welcome in their home. With a heavy heart, Yui left for Nagoya with the blessings and savings of her grandmother. Everything came to a staggering halt at the illegal TK3 (Tokyo Kick 3000) street races. Yui was leading the race until she entered an unnatural fog that seemed to have appeared from nowhere. Baffled and confused, she stopped her bike and dismounted. It wasn’t long before she realised she wasn’t in Tokyo anymore.

木村唯的技能[ | ]



你受傷時幸運喘息 便會生效。你不會留下血跡,總共生效120/150/180 秒。

總共的生效時間耗盡後,幸運喘息 將在該局遊戲中永久失效。

“這種程度就想打敗我?還差地遠呢。” —— 木村唯



站在掉落在地上的木板 IconHelp pullDown旁並按住主動能力鍵 4秒即可將其重置為豎直狀態。

不惜一切 冷卻時間為100/80/60 秒。

“我會全力以赴打倒你。然後我會再來一次。” —— 木村唯



你身處被搬運的逃生者6米範圍時,你會得急速狀態,移動速度提高5/6/7 %。被搬運的逃生者掙扎速度提高20%。

“加油,我們沒有路也要闖出一條路逃出去。” —— 木村唯

Realm[ | ]

Main article: Yamaoka Estate

Map's Info[ | ]

IconMap Hti Shrine

Once opulent and well-tended by priests, the shrine was abandoned for unknown reasons. Season after season, the harsh and unforgiving weather corroded its grandeur. Paths that welcomed weary travelers, were now thick with vegetation growing damp and unrestrained. The sculptures were a haven for moss and lichen, concealing a scratched and brittle stone.

Kazan shuddered with rage as he stepped into the area. Unable to restrain himself, he unleashed his might on a statue atop the shrine, clubbing its arms and head to pieces. Even after he left, a rot seemed to pervade the air. The chime of bells played softly on the wind, as everything around them crumbled. Torn from Kazan's memories, the shrine now stood on the estate of this childhood home - a trick by the Entity that infuriated him even more.

Customisation[ | ]

The Oni[ | ]

Head Body Weapon

Yui Kimura[ | ]

Head Torso Legs

Trivia[ | ]

  • 章節14:被詛咒的遺產 had a very broken PTB on launch, featuring odd animation glitches and other various problems.

Gallery[ | ]

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