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發售日 2019年6月19日(三)
分類 章節DLC
價格 102 NT$

章節12:鬼面®黎明死線 IconHelp DBDlogo第12個章節DLC


  • 殺手角色:鬼面
  • 全新DLC限定個性化制定角色道具:黑白狂人、銀鋼戰術刀。

描述[ | ]

Ghost Face is a brand-new Chapter for Dead by Daylight. Purchasing the Ghost Face DLC will unlock its new Killer, however, it does NOT currently include a Survivor.

Acquaintances are a dangerous deception. Our workplace is filled with them; strangers who happen to sit next to us, five days a week. A distant familiarity grows from habit. Whatever they like to do on evenings and weekends, we presume to be commonplace. The blanks are filled in with assumptions and we forget how little we know, until proven otherwise.

The Ghost Face took full advantage of that fact. His entourage at the newspaper could have spotted that the Roseville murders led to him. There were clues early on: the days he missed work, the victims’ assigned time of death, and the detailed articles he wrote citing “sources” he never shared. But his coworkers had not seen the connections, because The Ghost blended in the everyday.  No one thought that the man seated on their left could be responsible for the murder of a dozen people in cold blood. Not until proven otherwise.

The Ghost Face had gotten away with it, just as before. After making the headlines, he’d collected enough articles and fame to move on to another challenge. He’d packed his bags when the investigation pointed to his direction and driven a few miles, heading to another job. Except this time, he found a unique, richer hunting ground…

殺手: 鬼面[ | ]

主條目: 鬼面

殺手資訊[ | ]

OK charSelect portrait


At first glance, Jed Olsen was a kind and enthusiastic freelancer with experience in various small newspapers. He was hired at the Roseville Gazette, whose staff appreciated how easy-going he seemed. Olsen didn’t have to justify his erratic career path, which zigzagged between Utah and Philadelphia. He had a good attitude and a decent portfolio, which showed he’d covered serious news such as unsolved murders. Most importantly, he was ready to start right away.

Five months later, the Roseville Murders began: victims ranging from young to old, stabbed to death in their homes. The whole staff was working the story. Olsen was sent to interview the family of victims and relay official statements from the police.

The number of victims surged as Olsen worked the story. To heighten the swelling panic in Roseville, Olsen produced the footage of a hooded figure breaking into a house at night. Olsen’s masked face, a white blur in the dark, stared at the camera for a second, before disappearing inside. “The Ghost Face Caught on Tape” was the title Olsen gave the article. He was proud of his work, enjoying how the whole town now feared a ghost story.

When the investigation started to point in his direction, he had written and collected a dozen of articles, all of which fed his legend. He left Roseville swiftly. After such a feat, finding a satisfying challenge would be difficult. Yet opportunity found him.

殺手力量 - 鬼面: 夜幕

FulliconPowers nightShroud
FulliconPowers nightShroud activated


當力量槽全滿時,按力量鍵 啟動夜幕

  • 夜幕生效期間,鬼面沒有恐懼範圍且不會發出红光
  • 進行 基礎攻擊 會完全消耗力量槽並使夜幕失效。
  • 距離鬼面很近的逃生者向它的方向觀察一小段時間就會發現他。這會完全消耗力量槽並使夜幕失效。
  • 發現鬼面的逃生者將暫時被殺手本能暴露位置。

夜幕生效時可以長按力量鍵 跟蹤你的受害者。 在掩體後長按力量鍵 可探身出去並以更快的速度跟蹤

  • 完成對一名逃生者的跟蹤標記 你的目標並對其施加危险状态 IconStatusEffects exposed,持續一段時間。

主動能力鍵 (預設左Ctrl)可隱匿。再次按下可解除隱匿。

  • 隱匿狀態下,鬼面移動速度減慢。


殺手技能[ | ]

這些技能一開始只會出現在鬼面的血网 IconHelp bloodweb裡。在到達30等後, 可遺傳的版本會在以下等級出現在血網:

  • 洗耳恭聽 - 30等
  • 驚險戰慄 - 35等
  • 鬼祟追殺 - 40等


圖示 名稱 描述
IconPerks imAllEars

你敏銳的感官在恶灵 IconHelp entity的黑暗世界裡得到進一步強化。

解鎖個人氣場解讀能力的潛力。距離你48米內進行快速動作的逃生者將暴露气场 IconHelp auras ,持續6 秒

洗耳恭聽60/50/40 秒只能觸發一次。

"別擔心。這種事我已經策畫了一輩子。" –鬼面

IconPerks thrillingTremors

你的黑暗設計與出色的沉著心態會吸引恶灵 IconHelp entity

撿起一名逃生者後,所有未在被逃生者修理的发电机 IconHelpLoading generators都會被惡靈籠罩,在接下來的16秒內無法被修理。

受影響的發電機會顯示為白色气场 IconHelp auras

驚險戰慄100/80/60 秒僅可觸發一次。

"暗夜是我的幫手,而這裡的夜色永無止境。" –鬼面

IconPerks furtiveChase

你將一名逃生者視為血祭品 。你潛伏在暗影之中,一個一個地消滅目標。

當你的血祭品 IconHelp obsession被勾住時,技能獲得一枚印記,最多可獲得2/3/4 枚印記。


當逃生者把血祭品 從鉤子上就下來時,營救者會變為血祭品 。如果血祭品 被獻祭或擊殺,你會失去所有印記。


"你絕對想不到我打算如何料理你。這會連續幾週成為新聞頭條。你就看我的吧。" — 鬼面

服裝[ | ]

鬼面[ | ]

面具 身體 武器

預告片[ | ]

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