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The 秋季假面舞会 was an Event in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.

It took place for 4 consecutive days in early September of 2017.

Overview[ | ]

Like the Anniversary and the Blood Feast, it contained a community-wide Challenge, which was to Hook Survivors or to escape the Killers grasp a grand total of 12 Million times across all game modes (Kill Your Friends included).

A Blood Hunt ran for the entirety of the Event.

A live tracker was hosted on the developers' website to keep track on the progress.

The reward for reaching the goal of 12 Million is currently unknown.

The Goal was not reached, progress reached about 6 Million.

BloodpointsIcon2 血獵 IconHelp bloodpoints IconEventItem willOWisp 万圣节前夜 File:IconEventItem allHallowsEveLunchbox.png IconFavors escapeCake 周年纪念 IconFavors survivorPudding IconFavors bloodyPartyStreamers 血宴活动 IconHelp bloodpoints IconEventItem chineseFirecracker 中国春节 DF Torso04 LunarNewYear
BE Mask01 01 秋季假面舞会 CA Head01 DF IconEventItem winterPartyStarter 冬至2017 TR Head01 WinterEvent2017 EventObjective goldCoins 咆哮之地 EventObjective burntCoins EventObjective summer18 survivor Scorching Summer BBQ EventObjective summer18 killer IconFavors pustulaPetals The Hallowed Blight The Hallowed Blight
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