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祭品蛋糕 是一个所有玩家都可使用的 活动 祭品 IconHelp offerings。它只能在五周年庆活动期间使用

图标 描述 花费
FulliconFavors sacrificialCake
  • 所有玩家在本场游戏的所有得分项得到 105% 额外的血点

Secret Effects:

  • Reveals the 气场 IconHelp auras of the Crown Pillar in purple within 8 metres.
  • Hear an auditory cue whenever the Crown Pillar moves location.

“周年快乐!我们无比渴望与你共度更多时光!” ——《黎明杀机》团队

IconHelp bloodpoints

冷知识[ | ]

  • When the Crown Pillar moves location or is initially spawned, the following sound cue will play for the Offering user:

  • The bonus percentage of 105 % is a reference to the Offering having been implemented to celebrate Dead by Daylight's Fifth Year Anniversary.
  • The secret effects are not mentioned in the in-game description of the Sacrificial Cake.