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神经紊乱 is both a Game Mechanic and a Status Effect IconHelp statusEffects in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo that was introduced with Patch 1.5.1 alongside The Doctor IconHelpLoading doctor.

Overview[ | ]

神经紊乱 affects the sanity of the Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor and affects/hinders their ability of performing certain interactions.

神经紊乱 is a mechanic unique to The Doctor as it is directly linked to Carter's Spark IconPowers cartersSpark, his Power.

神经紊乱级别[ | ]

第一阶段[ | ]


  • 逃生者将尖叫一次,将气场 IconHelp auras暴露给医生。
  • 33%几率的技能检验 IconHelp skillChecks出现在随机位置。

第二阶段[ | ]




  • 包含第一阶段的所有影响
  • 66%几率的技能检验 IconHelp skillChecks出现在随机位置。
  • 有一定几率看到医生的幻象

第三阶段[ | ]


  • 包含第二阶段的所有影响
  • 100%几率的技能检验 IconHelp skillChecks出现在随机位置。
  • 逃生者将周期性尖叫,将气场 IconHelp auras暴露给医生。
  • Shared Doctor Hallucinations intensify, allowing The Doctor to read their Aura IconHelp auras.
  • 逃生者无法进行下列任何行动:

Additional Afflictions[ | ]

Main article: 卡特的电火花 的附加品.

取决于医生所使用的附加品 IconHelp addons可能会受到一系列额外的影响。 所有可能的效果为:

Gaining Madness[ | ]

神经紊乱 is gained in 2 different ways, both require The Doctor to be in Treatment mode:

Shock Therapy Attack[ | ]

A Shock Therapy attack is The Doctor's secondary form of attack and the main use of his Power. He will charge an attack and shoot an electric spark into the ground, which a second later will spread out and electrify the ground in front of him, shocking every Survivor that happens to be within the shock wave and thus considerably increasing their Madness.

Static Field[ | ]

The Static Field is a passive ability of The Doctor's Power. Whenever he's in Treatment mode, Survivors within his Terror Radius will see small sparks at their feet and hear a buzzing sound. This passive exposure to Madness will slowly and steadily increase the Survivor's Madness.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to hide inside a Locker or leave The Doctor's Terror Radius as quickly as possible.

Losing Madness[ | ]

神经紊乱可以用三種方式來解除 (excluding Snapping Out of It):

  1. 蹲下来.
  2. Not interacting with anything for a prolonged period of time.
  3. Hiding inside a Locker IconHelp lockers.
  • This will also prevent any Madness gain when in The Doctor's Static Field.

Snapping Out of It[ | ]

This is a unique action that is only available on Madness III and will reduce the Madness Tier to Madness II.

Snapping Out of It is a requirement for the affected Survivor to regain their ability to perform any interaction as Madness III prevents any interaction.

It is also advised due to the periodical screams and Aura-reveals, giving away their location to The Doctor.

Snapping Out of It is considered a form of Healing.

Videos[ | ]

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