碎花頭巾是一個稀少狩獵飛斧 IconPowers huntingHatchets.png 附加品 IconHelp addons.png

圖示 描述 血點 IconHelp bloodpoints.png
FulliconAddon flowerBabushka.png
  • 大幅減少飛斧的蓄力時間。
5,000 血點


  • Decreases the wind-up by 20 %.
  • Can be combined with Manna Grass Braid FulliconAddon mannaGrassBraid.png for a combined wind-up time of only 1.8 seconds.
  • While affected by Tinkerer IconPerks tinkerer.png , it is not advised to run the Perk on The Huntress as even in combination with the aforementioned Add-on, the additional reduction in wind-up time is only 0.15 seconds, down to 1.65 seconds of wind-up time.
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