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监控与打击是一个医生 IconHelpLoading doctor.png可传授的技能 IconHelp perks.png
35级以后该技能可解锁,可传授版本会出现在其他角色的血网 IconHelp bloodweb.png中。

图示 I II III 描述
3 度 5 度 10 度 追猎时心思缜密,杀戮时手法可怕。

当你在追猎时,你的恐惧范围会扩大8米。在其他时候,你的恐惧范围会缩小8米,而你的视野会拓展3/5/10 度。


“治疗时间到了!” — 医生

4,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png 5,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png 6,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png

图示 可传授版本 描述
3 度 (可传授技能描述未加入Template:Perk desc teachable
5,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png


Version 1.5.1[]

Icon Tier I Tier II Tier III Description
IconPerks monitorAndAbuse.png 6 metres

6 metres


7 metres

7 metres


8 metres

8 metres considerably

Meticulous in your approach, terrifying in your application.

While in a Chase, your Terror Radius is increased by 6/7/8 metres.

Otherwise, your Terror Radius is decreased by 6/7/8 metres and your Field of View is slightly/moderately/considerably wider than normal.

Field of View gains do not stack.

版本 2.6.0[]

Icon Tier I Tier II Tier III Description
IconPerks monitorAndAbuse.png 3 ° 5 ° 10 ° 当你正在追猎时,你的恐惧范围会扩大8米。在其他时候,你的恐惧范围会缩小8米,而你的视野会3/5/10 °扩展。视野增益不重叠。

Change Log[]

Patch 2.6.0[]

  • Buff: changed the Terror Radius modifiers to 8 metres across all Tiers.
  • Quality of Life: changed the Field Of View modifiers from adjectives to numbers 3/5/10 °.


  • 监控与打击 increases the angle at which the Killer can be blinded by Flashlights if they are not in a Chase, which should be taken into consideration when using this Perk.
  • 监控与打击 works by setting the default Terror Radius to +8 metres and applying a temporary reduction of 16 metres to it whenever the Killer is not in a Chase.
  • Increases the FOV gain by 3/5/10 °, a bit less than Shadowborn IconPerks shadowborn.png.
  • The default Killer FOV is set at 87 °.