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浸水的鞋子是一個超級罕見鬼灵陷阱 IconPowers blackenedCatalyst附加品 IconHelp addons

圖示 描述 血点 IconHelp bloodpoints
FulliconAddon waterloggedShoe 一只在沼泽中浸泡多年的童鞋。吸取其中所蕴含的精元可极大地释放妖巫的潜在力量。
  • 鬼灵陷阱在有效陷阱范围内拖慢逃生者的行进速度。
  • 移除妖巫传送至陷阱的能力。
7,000 血点

Trivia[ | ]

  • Disables the Mint Rag FulliconAddon mintRag 's ability to teleport you to any Phantasm Trap.
  • The Hindered Status Effect stacks between Phantasm traps and also applies when the Trap is not yet triggered.
    • Reduces the movement speed of Survivors by 9 %.