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污穢鋸條是一個罕見布巴的電鋸 IconPowers bubbasChainsaw.png電鋸 IconPowers chainsaw.png附加品 IconHelp addons.png

圖示 描述 血點 IconHelp bloodpoints.png
FulliconAddon begrimedChains.png 鋸條上覆蓋着能讓接觸者虛弱無力的污穢物。
  • 中幅降低被鋸過的逃生者的發電機修理速度。
  • 被鋸過的逃生者大幅受到重傷狀態影響,並持續120秒。
  • 效果可以被疊加。
6,000 血點


Version 1.0.0[]

Icon Stacking Tinkerer
FulliconAddon begrimedChains.png

This chain is stained with a foul substance that afflicts anyone it touches with debilities.

  • Slightly decreases the repair speed on Survivors injured by the Chainsaw until healed.
  • Considerably increases the healing time of Survivors injured by the Chainsaw.

Change Log[]

  • Chainsaw: Increased Repair speed debuff to moderately.


  • The de-buff will be applied for the remainder of the trial.
  • Decreases the action speed by 9 %.
  • Applies the Mangled Status Effect for 120 seconds.
    • Increases the Mangled effect by 50 %.
  • Applies the Hemorrhage Status Effect until healed.