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毛骨悚然是一個逃生者 IconHelpLoading survivor.png通用的技能 IconHelp perks.png

圖示 I II III 描述
2 % 4 % 6 % 一声诡异的鸣响,警示你危险即将来临。

当杀手正在距离你36 米范围内朝你的方向看时,可获得警报提示。

毛骨悚然技能开启时,技能检验 IconHelp skillChecks.png的出现几率增加10 %,成功区域减少10 %,并且你的修理、治疗和破坏速度增加2/4/6 %。

“仔细聆听那无言之声。” — 遗失的录音带, Sassy

4,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png 5,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png 6,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png


  • 毛骨悚然 also affects the following interaction speeds:

  • 毛骨悚然 is trumped by The Shape IconHelpLoading shape.png when he remains in Evil Within I.
    • The Perk doesn't work on him until he reaches Evil Within II.
  • It can help you tell if the Killer actually sees you when you are in the Terror Radius.
  • It also applies through walls.
  • 毛骨悚然 can be used effectively against The Nightmare IconHelpLoading nightmare.png to both detect him and trigger more likely odds of a Skill Check to fail.