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Mad House / Boreal
Mother's Dwelling
Patch 1.6.0
Quotes left.png This house is new to me. I have never stumbled upon its existence before. Nature made a good job hiding from the rest of the world. I am pondering upon who might live there. Sometimes I have seen lights stemming from its windows. Sometimes a passing shadow. The engulfment that the surrounding wilderness provides might not be unintentional. Might it be on purpose? Might this... home seek anonymity and to be unseen by the rest of the world? I am not at peace with this dwelling. I believe to be hearing screams and wailing coming from it. But my mind is unstable and my ears might not be trusted. Or can they? Quotes right.png
~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)

母亲的住所 is the first Map for the 红树林 Realm.


For the common hiker, the house might be hard to spot. Engulfed by nature, it lays dormant, as if it is waiting for its family to return. Once a home that held laughter, smiles and warmth, has now grown cold. But not completely deteriorated and forgotten. Nature is rough in its treatment, but someone withstands the wear and tear that stems from the winter. The inside lacks the care that once was. But flickering candles can sometimes be seen through the window, and inside there is a place for the younglings. Decorations are visible, but may not be impressive for anyone who does not understand this newly gained purpose of this dwelling. It is not just a place, for someone, to live and flee the world. It is a home for some and a cell for others. Others that scream one word that the outside wind destroys and is never heard. One simple word, screamed in distress..."mother".



The Hunting Cabin and the Smoke House are the main structures on Mother's Dwelling.


The Hunting Cabin contains a Generator on the second floor balcony.

The Hunting Cabin potentially contains the entrance to the Basement.

The Smoke House contains a locker on the ground floor.

The Smoke House potentially contains a Chest.


The Hunting Cabin is a two-story house built from logs with a staircase on the outside and on the inside, both leading onto the balcony.

  • The ground floor contains a living room with a fireplace and 2 Lockers, there are 3 entrances and 4 windows, of which one is always blocked.
  • The upper floor contains several ledges from which a player can jump, a grand total of 4 entrances, 1 window and 1 vault location on the wooden deck.

The Smoke House is a two-story house built from logs with a blocked staircase on the outside from the second floor to the roof.

  • The ground floor contains a fire pit with pigs in the process of being smoked hanging from the ceiling. A staircase leads to the second floor.
  • The ground floor contains a three entrances.
  • The upper floor contains a window and a doorway.


图标 名称 描述
Ach cottageOwner.jpg
小屋主人 在公共比赛中修好母亲的住所地图中屋子里的发电机 IconHelpLoading generators.png并成功逃脱。


  • In the Game files 母亲的住所 is being referred to under the name Mad House.
  • The Map is inspired by Eastern European forests.
  • 母亲的住所 is the second map to contain weather effects: it's raining slightly and a faint mist is pouring down from the tree tops.


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