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'''{{PAGENAME}}''', also commonly known and referred to as '''"Closets"''', are tall red cabinets which {{IconLink|Survivors}} can use to hide in and The [[Huntress]] uses to refill her {{IconLink|Hunting Hatchets}}.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''', 也被叫做'''"储物柜"''', 是红色的高柜子,{{IconLink|逃生者}}可以躲在里面。[[女猎手]]也使用柜子来补充她的{{IconLink|狩猎飞斧}}。
如果杀手打开了内有逃生者的柜子,{{IconLink|杀手}}会以自己独特的动作抓出逃生者扛在肩上,强迫他们尝试挣脱杀手的魔爪。如果逃生者躲在柜子里超过一定时间, 乌鸦会开始停在柜子顶上。如果逃生者躲在柜子里持续足够长的时间, [[报点乌鸦]]会开始在柜子上盘旋,逐渐向杀手提示它们的位置。
柜子能降低逃生者呼吸和哀嚎的声音, 效果约等于一级的{{IconLink|钢铁意志}}。当在柜子里时,逃生者会安静地呼吸, 这可能会被有经验的杀手察觉到。如果逃生者受伤了,他们会因疼痛而哀嚎,但仍然比空地上的逃生者安静许多。如果逃生者携带了钢铁意志,逃生者的声音将无法被听见。然而,如果逃生者处于受伤状态,他们会在进入柜子时留下血迹。躲进柜子的时间至少会让逃生者留下两滩血迹。细心的杀手会很容易察觉到这一点。
Survivors can enter empty lockers. If a locker already has a Survivor hiding inside it, the player attempting to enter will show a surprised animation state and close the door on the other Survivor. If a locker is empty, Survivors can either walk in (which is mostly quiet) or sprint in, which will make a lot more noise but reduce the animation time, unless a survivor is using {{IconLink|Quick & Quiet}}. The same applies when walking out of it again.
If a Killer opens a locker with a Survivor hidden inside it, the {{IconLink|Killer}}, in a unique animation, will first grab the Survivor out of the locker and then carry them on their shoulder - forcing them to wiggle out of the killer's grasp. If a Survivor is in a locker for an extended period of time, crows will begin to land on its roof. If the Survivor hides inside it long enough, [[Stillness Crows]] will start circling above the locker, eventually alerting the Killer to their location.
Lockers have a muffling effect on Survivors breathing and groans of pain, about the equivalent to that of {{IconLink|Iron Will}} at tier 1. While inside a locker, Survivors will breathe quietly, which can still be picked up by an experienced Killer. If they are injured, they will grunt in pain, still much quieter than if they were in the open. If the Survivor has Iron Will, the Survivor will be inaudible. However, if the Survivor is injured, they will leave blood as they enter the locker. The hiding time is long enough that the Survivor will leave at least two pools of blood at the foot of the locker. Observant killers can easily track this.
=== [[补丁 2.6.0]] ===
* 降低了躲在'''{{PAGENAME}}'''中的逃生者呼吸和哀嚎声的可听距离。
== Change Log ==
* 在[[补丁 2.4.0]], 躲在'''{{PAGENAME}}'''中可以屏蔽杀手的气场解读技能。
=== [[Patch 2.6.0]] ===
** 在[[补丁 2.6.0]], 这一行为也会给逃生者施加'''''{{IconLink|障目}}''''' '''状态'''.
* Reduced the distance at which a Survivor's breathing and grunting can be heard while they are hiding in '''{{PAGENAME}}'''.
* '''{{PAGENAME}}'''可以屏蔽[[医生]]的静电场,使其不再增加逃生者的神经紊乱程度。
** 当医生处于治疗模式时,最好的选择是躲在'''柜子中'''来防止因为神经紊乱等级提升而暴露位置。
** 当医生处于惩罚模式时,躲在'''柜子中'''也能降低逃生者的神经紊乱程度。
** 如果逃生者处于神经紊乱三级,逃生者不会在'''柜子'''中尖叫。然而,他们仍然会产生幻觉。
* '''{{PAGENAME}}'''是{{IconLink|女猎手}}补充她的狩猎飞斧的地方。
** 在每一个'''柜子'''的背面都会有三把斧子。女猎手总是会拿取中间的那一把。
* As of [[Patch 2.4.0]], hiding inside '''{{PAGENAME}}''' blocks the Killer's Aura-reading abilities.
** As of [[Patch 2.6.0]], this now also applies the '''''{{IconLink|Blindness}}''''' '''Status Effect'''.
* '''{{PAGENAME}}''' prevent the [[Doctor]]'s static field from increasing a Survivor's level of Madness.
** Hiding in a '''Locker''' with a Doctor in Treatment mode nearby is the best option to prevent giving away your location via a Madness Tier-up.
** Hiding in a '''Locker''' will also slowly decrease the Madness levels of a Survivor as long as the Doctor is in Punishment mode.
** If the Survivor is in Tier III Madness, the Survivor will not scream when inside the '''Locker'''. They will still hallucinate, however.
* '''{{PAGENAME}}''' are where the {{IconLink|Huntress}} replenishes her Hunting Hatchets.
** At the back of every '''Locker''', there is a rack with three Hatchets. The Huntress will always take the one in the centre.
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File:381210 screenshots 20161230221228 1 (3).jpg|A Survivor hiding in a locker

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柜子, 也被叫做"储物柜", 是红色的高柜子,逃生者 IconHelpLoading survivor.png可以躲在里面。女猎手也使用柜子来补充她的狩猎飞斧 IconPowers huntingHatchets.png


逃生者可以进入空的柜子。如果一个柜子已经有逃生者躲在里面,尝试进入的逃生者会做出惊讶的表情并关上柜门。对于一个空的柜子,逃生者可以走进去(几乎不发出声音)或快速进入,这会发出更多的噪音但是减少动作需要的时间,除非这位逃生者使用了急速静谧 IconPerks quickAndQuiet.png从柜子中出来时,上述情况也同样适用。

如果杀手打开了内有逃生者的柜子,杀手 IconHelpLoading killer.png会以自己独特的动作抓出逃生者扛在肩上,强迫他们尝试挣脱杀手的魔爪。如果逃生者躲在柜子里超过一定时间, 乌鸦会开始停在柜子顶上。如果逃生者躲在柜子里持续足够长的时间, 报点乌鸦会开始在柜子上盘旋,逐渐向杀手提示它们的位置。 柜子能降低逃生者呼吸和哀嚎的声音, 效果约等于一级的钢铁意志 IconPerks ironWill.png。当在柜子里时,逃生者会安静地呼吸, 这可能会被有经验的杀手察觉到。如果逃生者受伤了,他们会因疼痛而哀嚎,但仍然比空地上的逃生者安静许多。如果逃生者携带了钢铁意志,逃生者的声音将无法被听见。然而,如果逃生者处于受伤状态,他们会在进入柜子时留下血迹。躲进柜子的时间至少会让逃生者留下两滩血迹。细心的杀手会很容易察觉到这一点。


补丁 2.6.0

  • 降低了躲在柜子中的逃生者呼吸和哀嚎声的可听距离。


  • 补丁 2.4.0, 躲在柜子中可以屏蔽杀手的气场解读技能。
  • 柜子可以屏蔽医生的静电场,使其不再增加逃生者的神经紊乱程度。
    • 当医生处于治疗模式时,最好的选择是躲在柜子中来防止因为神经紊乱等级提升而暴露位置。
    • 当医生处于惩罚模式时,躲在柜子中也能降低逃生者的神经紊乱程度。
    • 如果逃生者处于神经紊乱三级,逃生者不会在柜子中尖叫。然而,他们仍然会产生幻觉。
  • 柜子女猎手 IconHelpLoading huntress.png补充她的狩猎飞斧的地方。
    • 在每一个柜子的背面都会有三把斧子。女猎手总是会拿取中间的那一把。


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