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The Moon shining bright in the sky.

月光 is a recurring ambient feature in every trial of Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo and is almost the sole source of light, other sources including lights, fire pits and fully repaired Generator IconHelpLoading generators.

Brightness[ | ]

The brightness of the moonlight can be tweaked via the Moon Bouquet Offerings IconHelp offerings, which can no longer be obtained from the Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.
New Moon Bouquet IconFavors newMoonBouquet and Full Moon Bouquet IconFavors fullMoonBouquet mark the minimum and maximum achievable values for Moonlight brightness:

Offering Rarity Effect
New Moon Bouquet Ultra Rare Darkest Moonlight
Full Moon Bouquet Very Rare Brightest Moonlight
Quarter Moon Bouquet Uncommon Brighter Moonlight
Crescent Moon Bouquet Uncommon Darker Moonlight

Stackable?[ | ]

Moonlight Offerings are not stackable as such as only very specific combinations seem to stack. These include:

Combo Equal to
2x Crescent Moon Bouquet New Moon Bouquet
2x Quarter Moon Bouquet Full Moon Bouquet
Crescent Moon Bouquet + Quarter Moon Bouquet Default Moonlight Brightness
Full Moon Bouquet + Crescent Moon Bouquet Quarter Moon Bouquet
New Moon Bouquet + Quarter Moon Bouquet Crescent Moon Bouquet

Special Exception[ | ]

Offerings which would cancel each other out always go in order of rarity: the one of a higher rarity gets chosen.
Thus a New Moon Bouquet IconFavors newMoonBouquet will always trump a Full Moon Bouquet IconFavors fullMoonBouquet:

Combo Equal to
New Moon Bouquet + Full Moon Bouquet New Moon Bouquet

Change Log[ | ]

Patch 1.8.2[ | ]

  • Removed the possibility for all Moonlight Offerings to spawn in the Bloodweb. The usage of these Offerings could have a lot of impact on the lighting of each map and the developers needed more control over the exact lighting they decide to set in each map in order to ensure a good experience for everyone. The Moonlight Offerings were making this harder to accomplish.

Gallery[ | ]

New Moon Bouquet
Crescent Moon Bouquet
Quarter Moon Bouquet
Full Moon Bouquet

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