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Quotes left Some nightmares feel so real - especially in Springwood.

Forever tainted by its heinous past, even the innocent preschool has been defiled by unspeakable misery.

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美国 俄亥俄州
Patch 1.8.0

春木镇黎明杀机 IconHelp DBDlogo目前 20幻境里的其中之一

它是隨著 2017年 10月 26日 发布的 章节6:榆树街梦魇™ 加入到遊戏中。

概述[ | ]

这个幻境以学区为主题,但除了深紫色的天空是没有主色调,和哈登菲尔德幻境很相似。目前有 5 张地图正在使用:

  • 巴德姆幼儿园 I (CN) / 巴德姆幼稚园 I (TW)
  • 巴德姆幼儿园 II (CN) / 巴德姆幼稚园 II (TW)
  • 巴德姆幼儿园 III (CN) / 巴德姆幼稚园 III (TW)
  • 巴德姆幼儿园 IV (CN) / 巴德姆幼稚园 IV (TW)
  • 巴德姆幼儿园 V (CN) / 巴德姆幼稚园 V (TW)

背景故事[ | ]


Springwood is a quiet town in the Midwest, somewhere to raise a family, where neighbours are friends, the diner waitresses know their patron’s names, doors are left unlocked and nothing can possibly harm the residents or those they love.

But this is just a veneer, covering a rotten core. Under the cover of respectability, a parasite named Freddy Krueger stalked his prey in what should have been the town’s safest space. Once these poisonous crimes were uncovered, the townspeople decided to act. They didn't trust that the authorities would be able to deal with him, to provide the justice they craved, so they banded together and hunted him down.

With a single, decisive act, they hoped to burn away the infection from their lives. But they were too late. The threat might have gone but the rot has infected everything. The houses that seemed so pretty now have darkness behind their windows. The leafy streets echo with the sound of fire and screams. And nothing will ever be normal again.

地图[ | ]

巴德姆幼儿园 I
IconMap Eng ElmStreet
巴德姆幼儿园 II
IconMap Eng ElmStreet02
巴德姆幼儿园 III
IconMap Eng ElmStreet03
巴德姆幼儿园 IV
IconMap Eng ElmStreet04
巴德姆幼儿园 V
IconMap Eng ElmStreet05

祭品[ | ]

魔笛手 是 一個稀少祭品 IconHelp offerings

圖示 描述 花費
FulliconFavors thePiedPiper 巨幅增加被送往春木镇的几率。


3,250 BPs

冷知识[ | ]

  • 在游戏文件中,春木镇幻境被称为 England(翻译为英国),a reference to Robert Englund, the actor originally playing the Character of Freddy Krueger.
  • 春木镇 坐落于 美国 俄亥俄州 [1]
  • Before The Realm Beyond brought a graphical update to the Springwood Realm, car plates featured on its Maps used to allude to the Entity recreating its 1980s iteration, the timeframe of the original movie. In the mentioned update, the aforementioned plates were changed to their 2004-2010 counterparts, the timeframe of the Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 reboot, wherefrom the DLC's Characters stem.
    • However, they were removed from all vehicles at some point, which currently feature empty license plate holders.

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