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怪异灯泡是一個超級罕見手电筒附加品 IconHelp addons.png

图标 可否叠加 描述
FulliconAddon oddBulb.png
  • 巨幅增加 手电筒对杀手的光照效果。
  • 中幅增加 手电筒电池消耗。


Version 1.0.0[]

Icon Stacking
FulliconAddon oddBulb original.png

A heavy and completely opaque bulb of unknown origin which emits a faint light even when turned off.

  • Tremendously increases the Flashlight beam effects against the Killer.
  • Moderately increases the Flashlight battery consumption.

Change Log[]

Patch 1.8.2[]

  • 怪异灯泡's rarity increased from Very Rare FulliconAddon oddBulb original.png to Ultra Rare FulliconAddon oddBulb.png.

Patch 1.8.3[]

  • Adjusted and simplified the 怪异灯泡 description.
  • Decreased battery consumption to slightly.
    • in numbers: from 24% to 12%.


  • Increases the power by:
    • increasing the brightness by 50 %.
    • reducing the blinding time by 25 %.
    • reducing the Phantasm Trap reveal time by 25 %.
    • increasing the Blindness duration by 25 %.
  • increases the consumption rate by 12 %.