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'''{{PAGENAME}}''' was an additional [[Game Mode]] to search for lobbies. It is no longer available.
== Description ==
== 概述 ==
Join or create a ranked lobby as the [[Survivor]] or [[Killer]], whichever is faster.
=== Trivia ===
=== 杂项 ===
*You are unable to queue with your friends in this mode.
*You are ranked based on the [[Bloodpoints]] earned during the round. This will affect your Survivor or Killer level, dependent on which one you played.
*Currently there is no way to communicate with anyone else in the match.
*自[[1.5.0更新]]起, {{PAGENAME}}因很少玩家使用而被移除。
*As of [[Patch 1.5.0]], Quick Play was removed the feature was only used by a very small portion of the player-base.
[[Category: Modes]]
[[Category: Modes]]

2019年3月30日 (六) 14:40的最新版本

快速游戏已从黎明杀机 IconHelp DBDlogo.png中被移除的游戏模式




  • 在此模式中,你不能与你的朋友一同排队。
  • 你会按这一轮所得到的血点排名。这会影响你的逃生者杀手段位。
  • 目前无法与任何人在游戏中沟通。
  • 1.5.0更新起, 快速游戏因很少玩家使用而被移除。