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Dbd-journal-heartbeat Quotes left Maybe it is the will to survive that makes me even more alert to sounds. Sight is limited in this darkened part of the world. In this case their Heartbeats. Not my own, but instead the Killers’ as they close in on me. I just hope that they do not pick up on mine as my heart races for every thump I can hear even clearer. Quotes right
~ Benedict Baker's Journal, Nov. 1896

The Heartbeat is a noise effect that a player will hear when playing as a Survivor, and when approached by a Killer. It is also known as the Killer's Terror Radius, which is usually 32m around the Killer.

The Heartbeat is also mentioned by Benedict Baker in his journal entries.

Tempo[ | ]

The rate of the Heartbeat is dependent on the Killer's proximity to the Survivors - with a faster tempo denoting the idea that the Killer is extremely close to the player. If a Killer then engages in a chase with a Survivor, the Heartbeat will be replaced by a thrilling music from the Soundtrack.

Perks & Add-ons[ | ]

If the Killer has the Perk Distressing IconPerks distressing, the Killer's Terror Radius increases, depending on the level of the perk.

If the Killer is the Doctor IconHelpLoading doctor using specific Add-ons IconHelp addons, the Heartbeat has a chance of playing at random depending on the Survivor's Madness Tier.

Preventing the Heartbeat[ | ]

There are several ways for a Killer to prevent the Heartbeat, in which case the Survivor will not be informed of the Killer's proximity.

  • If the Killer is the Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith, the Survivor will only hear the Heartbeat when he is uncloaked. Whilst cloaked, the Wraith will be mostly transparent and will not trigger a Survivor Heartbeat.
    • Using the "The Ghost" - Soot FulliconAddon theGhost-Soot Add-on, the Wraith will have zero Terror Radius after uncloaking when he stands still, similar to Insidious.
  • A Killer with the Insidious IconPerks insidious Perk IconHelp perks will be able to reduce the Heartbeat to 0m after standing still for a certain amount of time (4/3/2 seconds), dependent on the level of the Perk.
  • The Shape IconHelpLoading shape using Monitor & Abuse IconPerks monitorAndAbuse while remaining on Evil Within I, will have virtually no Heartbeat when not in a chase.
  • The Hag IconHelpLoading hag using the Granma's Heart FulliconAddon granmasHeart will have her terror radius reduced to 0m after a survivor trips one of her traps.

List of Terror Radii[ | ]

Killer Terror Radius Affected by Unlockables
Trapper 32 metres Yes
Wraith (Cloaked) 0 metres No
Wraith (Uncloaked) 32 metres Yes
Hillbilly 32 metres Yes
Nurse 32 metres Yes
Shape (Evil Within I) 8 metres Yes
Shape (Evil Within II) 16 metres Yes
Shape (Evil Within III) 32 metres Yes
Hag 28 metres Yes
Doctor 32 metres Yes
Huntress 20 metres Yes
Huntress (Lullaby, Humming) 20-45 metres No
Cannibal 32 metres Yes
Nightmare (Dream World) 24 metres Yes
Nightmare (Lullaby, Overworld) 24 metres No

Notes[ | ]

  • 当杀手靠近逃生者时不会收到心跳的提醒
  • The Huntress' humming ranging from 20 to 45m is not considered part of the Terror Radius and cannot be altered with any Perks.
  • The Hag and The Huntress are the only killers not to have a standard 32 meter terror radius at any given time.
  • Music is the amplification or advanced warning of Heartbeat and most likely the range of music is a quarter less than Terror Radius.