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"德瓦尔卡深林 (CN) / 德瓦卡星密林 (TW)"
RealmKeyArt 20
Dvarka Deepwood
Patch 7.0.0
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德瓦尔卡深林(为中国简体版。台湾繁体版为 德瓦卡星密林)是 黎明杀机 IconHelp DBDlogo目前 20幻境里的其中之一

它是隨著 2023年 6月 13日 发布的 章節28:XXXX 加入到游戏中

概述[ | ]

这个幻境以外星球德瓦尔卡为主题和以灿烂粉红色星空与蓝色迷雾为主色调。目前有 2 张地图正在使用:

背景故事[ | ]


The Landing was a promise for humanity to rebuild on a new planet. The climate resources were ideal to start anew, until all went wrong, and a new lifeform takes over and it has no connection to humanity. The environment his split in two distinct biomes. A rocky and bare area that will give players a more open space to explore. A destroyed vehicle encased on spiky rocks serves as a testament of a fierce battle and can now serves as a landmark. On the opposite side of the map a lush and busy jungle will give the players a claustrophobic feeling even outside. The vegetation although menacing can be used by the survivors to hide and wait for the real threat to pass by.

Between the two biomes the Toba Landing, now a desolate remnant of what was once a second chance of life is now a carcass of advance technology. Players will be able to explore every level from underneath, all the way to the top of the structure.

This planet looks wild and untouched, but the more you look around, it is possible to notice a civilization once thrived and left evidence of its presence on some familiar elements, such as the shack and the exit gate.

Wild life is present in the environment and a good guide to help players find their way around. Enigmatic blue flowers seem to feed on the energy of the entity and light up when source of energy like generators and exit gates are around.

地图[ | ]

IconMap Uba Umbralevel01
IconMap Uba Wormholelevel01

琐事[ | ]

  • 在游戏文件中,德瓦尔卡深林这个幻境被称为 Umbra(翻译为本影
  • The 德瓦尔卡深林 is the first Realm that has been made of a location from another planet, as up until now all other Realms were places on Earth.
  • It was also the first new Realm to receive a second Map just one Chapter later, adding a location with the crashed Nostromo Wreckage from CHAPTER 29: Alien.
  • 德瓦尔卡深林 is the first Realm to not feature a Realm-specific Offering, as both of its Maps have their own, independent Offering.

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