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Wreckers' Yard
Quotes left.png The Junkyard is packed with sharp objects. Walking around the area, aware of the bloodbath that took place here, changes the landscape. Blood covered metal and bits of flesh. One does not willingly walk amongst all this evidence of death. Quotes right.png
~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)

废旧车库后院 is one of five maps in the 废旧车库 Realm.


废旧车库后院 is one of three maps without a significant landmark other than the Killer Shack, the other maps being 腐臭之地 and 掩护林.

Instead, most of the space is taken up by high walls of scrap broken up by Autohaven Wreckers objects such as buses, cranes, and tankers as well as the occasional patch of trees. The Killer Shack is located in the centre of the map, and will always contain 地下室. High walls won't spawn next to the shack; instead it is surrounded by low walls, pull-downs, and open space. However, there usually spawns a small hill next to it. The map is medium-sized and normally-shaped, with no known special rules for the spawning of hooks, generators, or exit gates.


Action will usually revolve around the central Killer Shack. Its location means it will often be within carrying distance, and sight lines are most clear in the area surrounding it. Rescue missions into the basement are dangerous, but often necessary here. Luckily for the survivors, escaping is relatively easy in the large outer junkyard because of the many opportunities there to break line-of-sight. Once someone has been hooked in the basement, the survivors' should coordinate a distraction to buy time for the rescue; the killer simply isn't going to venture that far from their Shack unless they are chasing someone. Killers should focus on downing survivors quickly, since prolonged chases into the outskirts of the map will not usually end well. By bringing survivors to the Shack and punishing rescue attempts, they can keep the game centered around the middle of the map where survivors are most vulnerable.


  • In the Game files 废旧车库后院 is also being referred to under the name Scrapyard.

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