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Quotes left The Yamaoka legacy has been bathed in blood, profaned by wanton slaughter.

Though impressive to behold, centuries of deep-rooted rage have corrupted the sprawling grounds.

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Yamaoka Estate
日本 香川县
Patch 2.2.0

山岡家族地产黎明杀机 IconHelp DBDlogo目前 20幻境里的其中之一

它是隨著 2018年 9月 18日 发布的 章节9:破碎血脉 加入到遊戏中

概述[ | ]

这个幻境以日本家族地产为主题和以深洋红色带蓝调为主色调。Before the Realm's graphical update as part of The Realm Beyond, its main colour palette consisted of orange and dark blue, particularly noticeable in the colour of the Fog and the skybox.

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背景故事[ | ]


The estate was bought by the first of the Yamaoka, a shipwreck survivor, who came from a distant ashy island. He washed ashore just as political tensions sparked the flames of war.

Yamaoka joined the battlefield and unleashed hell on his foes. No one could match the raw fury of his Katana, which elevated him to a legend. They say his devilish mask haunted the dreams of all men.

His fame grew as he spilled blood on both sides of the conflict. With power came wealth, which he used to buy the estate and begin his legacy.

The land was passed down from one generation to the next, each one leaving its mark on the landscape. The garden grew and expended through the ages. Now only an old maple tree remains untouched from Yamaoka's era, representing the whole family.

地图[ | ]

IconMap Hti Manor
IconMap Hti Shrine

祭品[ | ]

山岡家族紋章 是 一個稀少祭品 IconHelp offerings

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FulliconFavors yamaokaFamilyCrest 燃燒這件祭品後將巨幅增加被送往山岡家族地產的機率。


3,250 BPs

新增项目[ | ]

补丁 3.4.0[ | ]

冷知识[ | ]

  • 在游戏文件中,山岡家族地产幻境被称为 Haiti (翻译为海地
  • The Arbor is a landmark that is featured on all 山岡家族地产 maps.
  • The stone statues littered around the central building in Sanctum of Wrath turn to face you when out of your camera’s view.
  • There are numerous paintings found all throughout the Realms depicting sceneries of certain Realms, including the 山岡家族地产. The Realm holds the distinction of having three unique paintings, the first consisting of an aerial view of the Manor on Family Residence, the second depicting a Hook, and the third depicting a stone lamp.

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