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墓碑的碎块是一個罕見恶魔附身 IconPowers stalker1附加品 IconHelp addons

圖示 描述 血点 IconHelp bloodpoints
FulliconAddon tombstonePiece 从一个破败的墓碑上取下来的拳头大小的花岗岩碎片。
  • 达到 恶魔附身III开启直接处决满血或受伤生存者的能力。
  • 禁用恶魔附身III状态下潜行的能力。
  • 杀死一名逃生者将大幅吸取恶魔附身的力量。
  • 大幅增加到达恶魔附身III所需的恶意值。

注意: 墓碑的碎块和一簇芳香的头发效果不叠加

6,000 血点

Tips[ | ]

  • The Shape has to be within hitting distance, quick attacking will then make him grab the Survivor by the throat and the Memento Mori IconHelp mementoMori animation will start.
    • A lunge attack will put them into the Dying State IconHelp dying instead.

Trivia[ | ]

墓碑的碎块 does not stack with Fragrant Tuft of Hair Unknown QuestionMark.

  • Decreases stalk points by 10, resetting Evil Within to the start of Tier II.
    • One Tier of Evil Within requires 5 points.
  • Increases the stalk requirement for Evil Within III by 150 %.