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Father Campbell's Chapel
Patch 2.0.0
Quotes left.png The familiar shell of the Asylum loomed over me, but I found a new corner of these tragic grounds: a chapel. Once a place of refuge and solace, it too was touched by the horrors that occurred here and now lies ruined and decayed. I walked its tattered aisle and ran my hand over moss-covered pews.

Echoes of the past filled my mind: of a Father, a good man who helped the residents here, and who met his end by the will of a deranged mind. I saw a shattered confessional and thought of the comfort that it had provided, to those afflicted by sickness and guilt, only to be rent apart in the pursuit of its occupant.

That was a terrible night, and this a most tragic conclusion. I left the place, the weight of the past dragging me down almost too much to bear.

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~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)

坎貝爾神父的教堂 is the second Map for the 克洛普瑞恩瘋人院 Realm.


Nestled in a quiet part of the grounds, Father Campbell's Chapel was a haven from the horrors of the rest of the Asylum. Those patients whose illnesses were less severe were given the run of the place and many would come here for refuge, to communicate with God and confess their sins.

Sadly, Father Campbell's legacy of good works counted for nothing when The Nurse's mind snapped, and he drew his final breath in the confessional that had helped so many.

Now the Chapel has been joined by a strange companion: a carny's caravan, pulled by shadowy horse. It has long travelled through the Fog, moving from Realm to Realm, and now temporarily camps here.

Beware: only a fool would let the bright colours seduce them into visiting.


The Chapel[]

The Chapel is the main Landmark on the Father Campbell's Chapel Map.


The Chapel contains a 發電機 IconHelpLoading generators.png on the Upper Floor.

The Chapel contains 3 柜子 IconHelp lockers.png on the Lower Floor and 1 on the Upper Floor.

The Chapel potentially contains a 箱子 IconHelp chests.png.


The Chapel is several stories tall, but only the ground and first floor are accessible, the staircase leading to the upper floors being blocked off by rubble.

There are several windows and vault spots located throughout the building.


  • Located outside the Chapel, The Clown's Caravan can be found, surrounded by some circus-themed assets, such a fortune-telling machine, booths and an axe-throwing target.
  • There's also a more or less live horse located next to the Caravan. Most likely the horse that pulled his Caravan already outside of the Entity's Realm, it has now been mutated, having received a third, centred eye amongst other mutations.
  • The demonic-looking horse's name is "Maurice".


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