Benedict Baker's depiction of The Basement.
Quotes left.png I went further than I have ever dared to before. I can not say what drove me to venture upon this journey, but as I am back at the campfire I will try to depict what I saw today. Inside one of the houses, there was a staircase leading down to this room of torture. A basement with four hooks. But not like others that seem much more random. These four hooks are...arranged somehow. They must have a purpose. I do not know anything about this place. But it felt packed with memories of endless suffering and torture. The smell of dried blood and bowels still resides in my nostrils. Quotes right.png
~ Benedict Baker

The 地下室 is a special location in every Map of Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png .


The Basement is the one place on the Map in which the presence of The Entity IconHelp entity.png can be felt the most, which is underlined with eerie sounds coming from beyond the basement walls and red lights shining through cracks in them.


The Basement contains four Lockers IconHelp lockers.png .

The Basement contains a staircase leading to the ground floor of the building it is located in.

The Basement contains a Chest IconHelp chests.png .

The Basement contains a special set of four indestructible Hooks IconHelpLoading hook.png , hanging all from a centre post.


The Basement is a small underground room with a staircase leading upstairs.

The Basement contains only one entrance, which can be blocked by the Killer by standing in the middle of the stairs, trapping Survivors in the Basement.


Sometimes it is beneficial to the Survivors to find out where the Basement is located on the map, to figure out if they can create a safe zone on the map by destroying the Hooks further away from it.

On Azarov's Resting Place for example, on which The Basement is either on one side of the Map or on the other, divided by a narrow passage, if they break all the Hooks on the side opposite to The Basement, they will wiggle free before the Killer can reach a Hook.

For Killers, it is also very important to locate their Basement early on, so that they know, where to take the Survivors if all their Hooks are destroyed and they don't want to wait out the Hook-respawn.

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