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嗜血兇獸是一個女猎手 IconHelpLoading huntress.png可傳授的技能 IconHelp perks.png30級以後該技能可解鎖,可傳授版本會出現在其他角色的血網 IconHelp bloodweb.png中。

圖示 I II III 描述
30 秒 40 秒 50 秒 你對殺戮的渴求如此強烈,以至於暫時中斷了你與惡靈 IconHelp entity.png之間的連結,你已完全不受控制。

你獲得1級殺戮欲望 IconHelp bloodlust.png後獲得無法偵測 IconStatusEffects undetectable.png效果,並持續致你失去殺戮欲望。

  • 在獵人行動項中獲得額外30%血點。


4,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png 5,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png 6,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png

圖示 可傳授版本 描述
Teachable beastOfPrey.png
30 秒 (可传授技能描述未加入Template:Perk desc teachable
5,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png


版本 1.6.0[]

Icon Tier I Tier II Tier III Description
IconPerks beastOfPrey.png 15秒 20秒 25秒 你对杀戮的渴求如此强烈,以至于暂时中断了你与恶灵 IconHelp entity.png之间的连结,你已完全不受控制。当杀戮欲望激活时,你的红光将消失15/20/25嗜血凶兽 的冷却时间为 120秒


Version 2.3.0[]

Icon Tier I Tier II Tier III Description
IconPerks beastOfPrey.png 30 % 40 % 50 % Your lust for a kill is so intense that your connection with the Entity is momentarily lost, making you totally unpredictable.

The Red Stain disappears after gaining Bloodlust Tier I and stays hidden until you lose Bloodlust.

Gain 30/40/50 % more Bloodpoints for actions in the Hunter Category.

Change Log[]

Patch 2.3.0[]

  • Quality of Life: the Stain now stays hidden until Bloodlust is lost again.
  • Quality of Life: awards bonus Bloodpoints in the Hunter Category.

Patch 3.4.0[]

  • Updated 嗜血兇獸 with the Undetectable Unknown QuestionMark.png Status Effect.


  • 嗜血兇獸 is the only Perk tied directly to Bloodlust IconHelp bloodlust.png.
  • 嗜血兇獸 will not work in Evil Within I IconPowers stalker1.png as The Shape is unable to gain Bloodlust in that Tier.
    • 嗜血兇獸 will work normally in Tiers II and III.