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Quotes left The Gideon Meat Plant is no longer a place of death designed for animals. Its focus has shifted towards the human race. You can still sense a scent of blood mixed with rust and fear. Thousands upon thousands of animals have met their end at this place, but those humans who enter the premises are not supposed to die. They are meant to survive and learn. But the majority of those who participate will fail. Quotes right
~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)
Quotes left The lair of the twisted visionary Jigsaw, hellbent on concluding his life's work.Each macabre trap tells a story: a cautionary tale of life wasted and perspective gained. Quotes right
"吉迪恩肉联厂 (CN) / 吉迪恩肉品加工厂 (TW)"
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Gideon Meat Plant
美国 纽约州 布鲁克林
Patch 1.9.0

吉迪恩肉联厂(为中国简体版。台湾繁体版为 吉迪恩肉品加工厂)是 黎明杀机 IconHelp DBDlogo目前 20幻境里的其中之一。此幻境曾经被称为 吉迪恩肉制品加工厂

它是隨著 2018年 1月 23日 发布的 章节7:电锯惊魂™ 加入到遊戏中

概述[ | ]

这个幻境以工厂为主题和以灰白色为主色调。目前有 1 张地图正在使用:

背景故事[ | ]


Gideon Meatpacking Plant had long lain derelict before its original designer, John Kramer, moved back in, transforming it into the workshop where he would devise his many games, and the location where those games would play out. Surveillance cameras now cover every angle of the building, reporting the progress of test subjects to a bank of monitors: a grainy testament of life and death. In the workshop, hundreds of carefully-rendered plans hang from every wall. Half-completed machinery litters the worktops, next to the tools that helped create them. Mannequins are everywhere, their blank eyes staring impassively at their dismembered brethren, strapped into test rigs or already destroyed by successful trials. In many ways, the plant is unchanged: it still rings to the sound of buzz saws and sliced flesh; the drains still clog with congealed blood, fat and hair. The building’s occupants have always been dead meat, but now they have a chance at transformation; a chance to emerge back into the world, reborn as something better. And, if they fail? There’s always the drain.

地图[ | ]

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祭品[ | ]

拼图块 是 一個稀少祭品 IconHelp offerings

圖示 描述 花費
FulliconFavors jigsawPiece 巨幅增加被送往吉迪恩肉制品加工厂的几率。


3,250 BPs

冷知识[ | ]

  • 在游戏文件中,吉迪恩肉制品加工厂幻境被称为 Finland (翻译为芬兰
  • In the "Bathroom" section of the Map, a heart is drawn on a toilet. Although the Bathroom in The Game does not exactly replicate the one from the films, this small detail is precise and accurate.
  • In the "Bathroom" section, there is also a toilet tank lid surrounded by blood. This likely directly alludes to Adam from the first film, who kills Zepp in the bathroom by beating him to death with a toilet tank lid, as well as Eric Matthews, a detective, who is tested in both the second and third SAW films. After being shackled in the bathroom by Amanda Young, Eric takes the toilet lid and smashes his foot in, just enough to slip the shackle off and escape.
  • 吉迪恩肉联厂坐落于美国 纽约州 布鲁克林 11235 Blake Drive

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