可解鎖內容 are game features in 黎明殺機 IconHelp DBDlogo.png .

There are 4 main and 2 sub-types of 可解鎖內容 in the Game.



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附加品 are used by both the Killers and the Survivors. They are parts that can be added onto a Survivor's Item or a Killer's 力量 in order to improve and/or expand their functionality, even adding new effects. Up to two Add-ons can be selected for use before a trial. Killers always use up their Power Add-ons after the trial unless they burnt a 黑護衛 Unknown QuestionMark.png Offering. Survivors on the other hand get to keep their Add-ons as long as the associated is neither lost or used up during the trial. Losing or using up an Item will inevitably result in the loss of its equipped Add-ons unless they are protected by a 白護衛 IconFavors whiteWard.png Offering.


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道具 are exclusive to the Survivors. They are tools that can help them with their survival during a trial, they can be improved with up to two Add-ons at a time. They can also be found in 箱子 IconHelp chests.png or be dropped by other Survivors during trials. Completing a trial with an Item will reset its durability and allow it to be reused in a next trial alongside the Add-ons.


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神秘盒子 are used by both the Killers and the Survivors. They can obtain any other Unlockable (with the exception of Perks) whose Rarity will be equal or rarer than that of the Box itself.


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祭品 are used by both the Killers and the Survivors. They can be used to affect the outcome of the chosen 地圖, changing aspects such as 月光, 迷霧, the amount of Chests/鈎子 and more. Offerings are lost upon use.


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技能 are used by both the Killers and the Survivors. They grant an individual bonus and once unlocked will never be lost. Players can choose up to four Perks per trial, assuming that all Perk Slots have been unlocked, which is dependent on their Character's Level. All Survivors and Killers have three Unique Perks, which initially cannot be unlocked by the other Characters until one unlocks them on specific Bloodweb Levels on the original Character's Bloodweb or buys them from the 秘密聖所.



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成就 are unlocked when completing certain actions in-game. They show progress and personal Achievements of each Player in the game Dead by Daylight.


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日常祭禮 are optional Challenges that require the Player to complete certain in-game actions which will then be rewarded with a generous amount of Bloodpoints. One new Challenge or Daily Ritual is added each day, whether or not all previous have been completed or not. There are only a maximum of 3 Daily Rituals displayed each day.

Ach adeptDwight.jpg Ach adeptMeg.jpg 成就 Ach adeptClaudette.jpg Ach adeptJake.jpg IconHelp addons.png 附加品 IconHelp dailyRituals.png 日常祭禮 IconHelp items.png 道具 IconHelp mysteryBox FP.png 神秘盒子 IconHelp offerings.png 祭品 IconHelp perks.png 技能
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