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厄咒:难逃一死是一個殺手 IconHelpLoading killer通用的技能 IconHelp perks

圖示 I II III 描述
(参数未加入 Template:Pl) (参数未加入 Template:Pl) (参数未加入 Template:Pl) 将力量植根于希望的厄咒。当逃生者准备逃亡时,你被厄咒图腾的力量所驱动。当逃生大门 IconHelp exitGates通电时,如果地图中还剩有一个普通图腾,此厄咒便会寄生在这个图腾上。在厄咒生效期间,成功攻击逃生者会使其直接进入濒死状态。无论是否命中目标,所有攻击后的冷却时间都会减少(参数未加入 Template:Pl)。你的移动速度增加(参数未加入 Template:Pl)。

只要被寄生的厄咒图腾 IconHelpLoading totem还在,该厄咒便可持续。


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History[ | ]

Version 1.0.0[ | ]

Icon Tier I Tier II Tier III Description
File:IconPerks noOneEscapesDeath.png 4 %

3 %

4 %

5 %

8 %

5 %

Successful attacks trigger Dying State automatically

You are animated by an unseen force when the Survivors are on the verge of escaping. Once at least one Exit Gate is opened, //Successful attacks trigger Dying State automatically, cool-downs on successful and missed attacks are decreased by 4/8/8 % and your movement speed is increased by 3/5/5 %.

Change Log[ | ]

Patch 1.0.2[ | ]

  • Description changed from "Once at least one Exit Gate is opened" to "Once the Exit Gates are powered".

Patch 1.0.5[ | ]

  • Added a timer of 120 seconds
  • Speed bonus decreased to 3%/4%/4%.

Patch 1.5.0[ | ]

  • No One Escapes Death changed to a Hex Perk.
  • Removed timer, now last indefinitely until the associated Hex Totem IconHelpLoading totem is cleansed.

Trivia[ | ]

  • No One Escapes Death is often abbreviated as NOED.
  • The one-hit ability on Tier III only applies to the Killer's Weapon.