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化妆镜是一個罕見恶魔附身 IconPowers stalker1附加品 IconHelp addons

圖示 描述 血点 IconHelp bloodpoints
FulliconAddon vanityMirror 一个完好无损的标准便携式化妆镜,表面只覆盖着一层薄薄的灰和粉底。
  • 当在16米内潜行接近时,恶魔附身II可感知到逃生者的气场。
  • 恶魔附身将无法超过阶段II
  • 小幅降低 移动速度。
  • 在各个出击得分项中,凶残类获得100%额外的血点奖励,阴险类获得150%额外血点奖励。
6,000 血点

Trivia[ | ]

  • Decreases the movement speed by 7 %.
  • 化妆镜 stacks additively with the Bloodpoints gains from Scratched Mirror FulliconAddon scratchedMirror.
    • This will grant you 200 % Bloodpoints for the Hit Score Event in the Brutality category and additional 350 % in the Deviousness category.
    • You cannot progress past Evil Within Tier I.