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Quotes left Every Year since the dawn of civilisation, the same gatherings and rituals happen again and again. Before deep winter begins, the longest and darkest night is celebrated. It varies across cultures and places, but in the World of The Entity, it really means only one thing: the longer the night, the more sacrifices. Some things just never change. What does change, sometimes, is the setting in which they happen. The Entity has decided to make the repeated last hours of its victims a cold-blooded Killing Festival. Winter colours, decorated Hooks, Firecrackers, Gifts and Achievements.

Welcome to the Winter Fog!

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~ Developers

冬至2017 was an Event in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo that lasted from December 14th to January 4th.

Alongside Patch 1.8.3, it kicked off the in-game celebrations in honour of Christmas 2017.

Overview[ | ]

The Event was announced with Patch 1.8.3's release on 14 December 2017.

UI Changes[ | ]

Patch 1.8.3 added a new Christmas-themed Menu Screen, adding new Props, such as snow piles, lanterns, snowmen and blinking lights, changing the Fog VFX and lighting and new Theme Music for the Menus and the Lobbies.

In-game Changes[ | ]

The Hooks, Barrels and Lockers also receive a new look.

New Content[ | ]

It also added new Content to the Game:

Items[ | ]

  • Winter Party Starter, a new Firecracker IconItems chineseFirecracker.
  • Winter Gifts, special variants of the Mystery Box.

Customisables[ | ]

  • All of the original Killers (meaning non-licensed) received a new Head customisation, Frosty Eyes, blue eyes akin to the All Hallows' Eyes for the original three Killers.

Trapper[ | ]

TR charSelect portrait

Wraith[ | ]

WR charSelect portrait

Hillbilly[ | ]

HB charSelect portrait

Nurse[ | ]

NR charSelect portrait

Hag[ | ]

HA charSelect portrait

Doctor[ | ]

DO charSelect portrait

Huntress[ | ]

BE charSelect portrait
BloodpointsIcon2 血獵 IconHelp bloodpoints IconEventItem willOWisp 万圣节前夜 File:IconEventItem allHallowsEveLunchbox.png IconFavors escapeCake 周年纪念 IconFavors survivorPudding IconFavors bloodyPartyStreamers 血宴活动 IconHelp bloodpoints IconEventItem chineseFirecracker 中国春节 DF Torso04 LunarNewYear
BE Mask01 01 秋季假面舞会 CA Head01 DF IconEventItem winterPartyStarter 冬至2017 TR Head01 WinterEvent2017 EventObjective goldCoins 咆哮之地 EventObjective burntCoins EventObjective summer18 survivor Scorching Summer BBQ EventObjective summer18 killer IconFavors pustulaPetals The Hallowed Blight The Hallowed Blight
BloodpointsIcon2 血戮 IconHelp bloodpoints GK Head01 WinterEvent2018 冬至2018 HK Head01 WinterEvent2018 EventObjective goldCoins Moonrise BE Mask008